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Opera News Spotlights the Lenya Competition

"And Now for Something Completely Different"

The August 2014 issue of Opera News magazine spotlights the Lotte Lenya Competition in a lively 2-page feature by arts writer Barry Singer (New York Times, New Yorker). Having attended the finals in April, Singer describes the 2014 competition in detail and pinpoints the reasons the Lenya Competition is unique.

"The Lotte Lenya Competition asks singers to do the impossible," he writes. "And why not? Musical theater, whether on an operatic or a Broadway stage, is an impossible construct, a teetering musical mass levitated by artistry, energy and alchemy. While other vocal competitions just ask singers to sing, the Lenya Competition asks its contestants to create their own one-person musical narrative out of found materials and make us believe that it is all true . . . .  Disparate numbers must be woven into a dramatic whole by the performers--acted, as well as sung, with consummate believability. It is this requirement that distinguishes the Lenya Competition from all others. In an age of hyper-HD scrutiny, with the demand for acting ability and sheer telegenic attractiveness ever more decisive in opera, no vocal contest better targets today's total-package talents."

Read the feature here.

 Prizewinners and judges from 2014 Lenya Competition

Originally posted: 22 July 2014
Last updated: 23 July 2014