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BBC Honors Kurt Weill

Three on 3: Kurt Weill and Threepenny Opera Featured on BBC Radio 3 Programs

Tune in to BBC Radio 3 for the following broadcasts, featuring Kurt Weill and Threepenny Opera. All programs can be streamed at other times using BBC iPlayer or by downloading the podcast.

Night Waves: The Threepenny Opera
Thursday, 15 October 2009, 9:15 pm (BST)

Philip Dodd brings together a round table of guests to explore one of the most groundbreaking pieces of musical theater of all time--The Threepenny Opera--and its continuing appeal.

Drama on 3: The Threepenny Opera, performed by the BBC Philharmonic
Sunday, 18 October 2009, 8 pm (BST)

HK Gruber, the renowned Austrian composer, conducts members of the BBC Philharmonic in a new production of the Weill/Brecht masterpiece--The Threepenny Opera. This production, which uses Michael Feingold's translation, has been recorded with a radio audience in mind.

Macheath ...... Joseph Millson
Polly/Whore ...... Elen Rhys
Mrs Peachum/Whore ...... Ruth Alexander-Rubin
Mr Peachum/Rev Kimball ...... Zubin Varla
Lucy/Whore ...... Rosalie Craig
Jenny ...... Ute Gfrerer
Tiger Brown ...... Conrad Nelson
Matt ...... Kevin Harvey
Jack/Beggar ...... Sean Oliver
Walter ...... Declan Wilson
Sawtooth Bob/PC Smith ...... Peter Edbrook
Jimmy/Filch/Policeman ...... Graeme Hawley
Ballad Singer ...... HK Gruber
Betty ...... Olwen May
The Manchester Chamber Choir and the BBC Philharmonic conducted by HK Gruber.
A BBC Radio Drama North and BBC Philharmonic co-production.
Produced by Nadia Molinari.

See producer Nadia Molinari's blog entry "Unveiling Radio 3's Threepenny Opera" for an insiderĂ­s view of the production.

Composer of the Week: Kurt Weill
19-23 October 2009, 12 noon and 10 pm (BST)

Tune in daily as Donald Macleod focuses on the life and work of Kurt Weill.