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Life, Love, and Laughter: Kurt Weill on Broadway

A selection of theater songs devised by Kim H. Kowalke (1994),
for soprano, mezzo-soprano, tenor, baritone, optional chorus, and orchestra.

Song List
Performance Information

Song list

There'll Be Life, Love and Laughter
I'm a Stranger Here Myself
Speak Low
September Song
What Good Would the Moon Be?
Lonely House
My Ship
This Is New
Ho, Billy, O
Sing Me Not a Ballad
Is It Him or Is It Me?
That's Him
Very, Very, Very
There's Nowhere to Go but Up
Mr. Right
Saga of Jenny
Mack the Knife

Performance Information

Instrumentation: Weill's original orchestrations
Duration: Half evening: 40-60 minutes
Performance Materials: All territories: EAMC
First performance (earlier version): June 9, 1994, Baltimore, Judy Kaye, Joyce Castle, Peter Kazaras, Buddy Crutchfield, Michael Scarborough, Reginald Pindell, vocalists, Baltimore Symphony, David Zinman, cond.

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