1st Prize: Daniel Berryman (28, Seattle, WA)
2nd Prize: Andrea Wozniak (28, Boston, MA)
3rd Prize: Trevor Martin (30, Fayetteville, GA)

Lys Symonette Award for Outstanding Performance of an Individual Number, “Beautiful”: Nyla Watson (28, Cleveland, OH)
Lys Symonette Award for Extraordinary Artistic Promise: Jonah Hoskins (22, Saratoga Springs, UT)
Marc Blitzstein Award, “Mr. Right”: Katherine Riddle (28, Washington, DC)
Carolyn Weber Award: Jeremy Weiss (26, Charlottesville, VA)

All other finalists received an award of $2,000 each:
Carolyn Bacon (28, Portland, OR), Danielle Beckvermit (26, Kingston, NY), Timothy Bruno (31, Toledo, OH), Jonathan Heller (24, Huntington, NY), Florian Peters (31, Rheinbreitbach, Germany), and Amy Weintraub (24, Fort Collins, CO).

Videos of the winners’ performances and the complete press release will be available shortly.