The Foundation has just signed a contract with global music giant BMG to administer the songs from The Threepenny Opera, Happy End, and Rise and Fall of the City of Mahagonny–some of Weill’s best-known and most loved. Highlights include “Mack the Knife,” “Alabama-Song,” “Pirate Jenny,” “Surabaya-Johnny,” “Bilbao-Song,” and many others. BMG will take over management of synchronization (use in films and television), mechanical (use in recordings), and print rights for the songs in the U.S. and Canada. CEO Hartwig Masuch noted, “It is quite simply an honor for BMG to represent the Kurt Weill catalogue. It is also appropriate that BMG as a Berlin-based international music company should represent these historic works.”

BMG will put its considerable muscle and resources behind efforts to promote the catalogue and make sure these songs retain their stature as enduring popular music and continue to delight listeners now and in the future. Executive Vice President David Hirshland could not have put it better: “Kurt Weill’s music is a cornerstone of twentieth-century artistic and cultural history and we are excited to help introduce these songs, along with his legacy, to new generations.” Foundation President Kim H. Kowalke notes that the excitement is mutual: “We are thrilled by this new partnership with BMG, which promises to deliver exciting new opportunities for expanding the impact of Weill’s artistry to an ever broader audience.”

BMG and the Foundation begin a promising partnership with the goal of increased reach and prominence for Weill’s music. As this new era dawns, we welcome our new publisher and look forward to initiatives and opportunities to give Weill’s music a powerful springboard and new levels of support.


BMG press release

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