The Kurt Weill Foundation is pleased to announce that European American Music Distributors Company (EAMC) has expanded its catalog of Weill works to include Knickerbocker HolidayLady in the DarkLost in the Stars, and One Touch of Venus. These celebrated musicals join other Broadway shows of Weill’s at EAMC, such as Street Scene and Johnny Johnson.

Here is a full list of EAMC catalog announcements for Weill and Blitzstein works:

New to the EAMC Catalog (Worldwide, excluding Europe)

Territories Expanded (Worldwide)

Territories Expanded (US, Canada, and British Reversionary Territories)

  • The Threepenny Opera (Marc Blitzstein and Simon Stephens adaptations, which join translations by Michael Feingold, Robert David McDonald & Jeremy Sams, and others at EAMC)