The Kurt Weill Foundation is pleased to break ground on a major project in support of on-line Weill research. In collaboration with the Estate of David Drew, we have prepared complete bibliographies of Drew’s vast corpus of published Weill-related writings, including books, articles, program notes, conference papers, reviews, and more. Click here for an introduction to the on-line bibliographies.

The complete catalogue of Drew’s published Weill-related writings includes over 175 items, from 1958 until 2009. It has been organized into three different lists: by date (newest first), by genre (book, essay, liner notes, etc.), and by subject (mainly titles of Weill works).

Drew’s influence and reach as a Weill scholar have been widely acknowledged. Starting in the mid-fifties, he virtually invented the field of Weill studies, both through his extensive research into Weill’s life and works and through tireless promotion of recordings and performances of the music. His descriptive catalogue of Weill’s compositions, Kurt Weill: A Handbook (1987) remains an essential reference work, and his essays and articles are still required reading for students of Weill. The dozens of program notes that he penned have introduced generations to Weill’s music in the theater and concert hall.

In addition to the on-line bibliographies, the Weill Foundation intends to provide access to the full text of Drew’s published Weill-related writings, presenting them in facsimile (PDF) where possible. All of Drew’s work remains under copyright by the Estate of David Drew, and permission to reprint Drew’s texts in any form or medium must be secured from the Estate.


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