Venue: NDR Landesfunkhaus
Ensemble: Arte Ensemble
Date: 21 October 2018
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A new chamber piece, derived from Zaubernacht, Weill’s first stage work, is heard for the first time on 21 October. The eight-movement suite for chamber ensemble was conceived and edited by arranger and composer John Baxindine, who has selected extended passages from the hour-long through-composed original score and organized them as separate movements. Unlike Quodlibet, Weill’s own suite from Zaubernacht, Kleine Zaubernachtmusik retains the original scoring: flute, bassoon, percussion, piano, and string quintet.

Arte Ensemble, celebrating their 25th anniversary this season, is the ideal group to premiere the new suite because of their history with the parent work. In 2012, they made the first recording of the original version of Zaubernacht, which was reconstructed and published as part of the Kurt Weill Edition after performance materials from the original production were discovered at Yale University in 2005. Now they will take up the slimmed-down suite, which stands on its own as a concert work.

The complete program, which includes works by Mozart and Verdi, is set for radio broadcast on NDR 3 February 2019.


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