Dagmar Manzel

Venue: Komische Oper Berlin
Director: Barrie Kosky
Conductor: Kristiina Poska
Choreographer: Otto Pichler
Premiere: 12 February 2012
Total performances: 6 (schedule)
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“Kosky leaves Dagmar Manzel completely alone on a darkened, empty stage. . . . A follow spot picks her out in the darkness and then lets her disappear again. . . . Kosky has proved sufficiently that he is a really great director, and only someone of his quality can allow himself this sort of minimal direction. It is richly rewarding, not only in the case of Dagmar Manzel, who is allowed to show the full range of her emotions, but also for Kurt Weill.”

“A strong text and a wonderfully gripping, fresh as the day it was written, score are displayed without embellishment. And stand the test. Because they are in the best hands with the rumbling, grumbling, wailing Manzel. At the end the moonlight is distinctly switched off. For the time being. And we rejoice at the prospect of a better future for the Komische Oper.”
Die Welt