Die sieben Todsünden, Weill’s last stage work with Brecht, will be given twice at major venues during the month of August. First, the Aspen Music Festival will present the work in concert on 14 August, conducted by Joshua Weilerstein with mezzo-soprano Maria Paz Castillo. Less than a week later, Scottish Opera will revive its successful production from the 2011-12 season at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Directed by Kally Lloyd-Jones, the production will open on 20 August.

Venue: Aspen Music Festival
Conductor: Joshua Weilerstein
Soloist: Maria Paz Castillo
Date: 14 August 2013
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Joshua Weilerstein, not yet thirty, has already made a name for himself in musical circles; the performance at Aspen will mark his first engagement with Die sieben Todsünden. He is an assistant conductor at the New York Philharmonic and has led several European orchestras and the Los Angeles Philharmonic. Award-winning young soprano Castillo will likewise make her first appearance as Anna I, as the Aspen Festival enjoys a renewal this summer.


Venue: Scottish Opera/Edinburgh Fringe Festival
Director: Kally Lloyd-Jones
Conductor: Jessica Cottis
Dates: 20-23 August 2013 (4 performances)
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Scottish Opera’s cinematic staging of Die sieben Todsünden will feature the same singer and dancer as in the premiere: Nadine Livingston and Kirsty Pollock, respectively. Hailed as “sharp, sexy and bitterly sad” two years ago by the Independent, this production’s return will be welcomed by Festival-goers in Edinburgh.