Storm Large

Star vocalist Storm Large first tackled Die sieben Todsünden (The Seven Deadly Sins) in 2013, including a performance with the Detroit Symphony at Carnegie Hall. This spring, she will perform the morality tale of one sister with two personalities (or maybe it’s the other way around) with three orchestras in three cities and two countries:

the Memphis Symphony conducted by Robert Moody (21-22 March 2015);

the RTE Concert Orchestra in Dublin conducted by Robert Ziegler (14 April);

the Portland (OR) Symphony conducted by Robert Moody (19 and 21 April).

The schedule is not quite as frenetic as May 2013, which saw Large perform the Sins five times in seven days, culminating in the Carnegie Hall appearance. Still, there’s no doubt that Large–a successful writer as well as singer–is making this work her own.

Robert Moody

Robert Moody, now music director of the Portland Symphony after serving in the same capacity in Phoenix and Winston-Salem, continues to make his presence felt on the U.S. classical music scene. His interest in Weill goes back to his student days, when he served as assistant conductor on a production of Street Scene at the Eastman School in 1991, at which time he also corrected and edited the score, creating the edition that is still used. Two rising stars bring Weill and Brecht to life in three cities–why not seven?


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