Julia Rodriguez-Elliott and Geoff Elliott

Venue: A Noise Within
Directors: Geoff Elliott and Julia Rodriguez-Elliott
Conductor: DeReau K. Farrar
Performance dates: In repertory from 15 February to 24 May 2015
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Run extended through 24 May!

“California’s Home for the Classics” offers two plays rotating in repertory this spring, The Threepenny Opera (English translation by Michael Feingold) and Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar. The plays are offered as part of the RevolutionRep series at A Noise Within, which will explore the power and perils of revolution. On three dates, 12 April, 25 April, and 2 May, ticketholders will be able to watch both plays, with a dinner in between, as well as workshops and an opportunity to meet the cast and crew. Other events, including a symposium and several talkbacks, are in the works as well.

Extensive information about the cast and creative team is available on the event page. Threepenny has not been staged at A Noise Within since 1997, but there is no doubt that it thrives when reimagined or placed in new contexts. This pairing offers yet one more way to think about Weill, Brecht, and Hauptmann’s perennial hit, which shows no sign of slowing down as it approaches its hundredth annniversary.


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