Threepenny Opera at New Line Theatre

Venue: New Line Theatre
Director: Scott Miller
Music director: Jeffery Scott Carter
Performance Dates: 28 May – 20 June 2015 (12 performances)
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The New Line Theatre has presented edgy and off-beat musicals in St. Louis since 1991, but they have never put on The Threepenny Opera before. Artistic Director Scott Miller is about to change that, opening a four-week run of Threepenny on May 28. In his blog, Miller notes, “This is the oldest show New Line has ever done, and it’s also one of the most slyly potent. After all these years of reading about Threepenny, it is such an honor and a joy to finally work on it.” The New Line has built its reputation on new shows, especially shows that challenge audiences, and now it is going back to the granddaddy of them all. Miller and the cast will present Marc Blitzstein’s English adaptation, which opened off-Broadway in 1954 and changed New York theater forever.


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