Weill pillar

Eighty years after the rise to power of Hitler and the Nazi Party, the Deutsches Historisches Museum has created a series of events under the title “Zerstörte Vielfalt” (Diversity Destroyed). The events are designed to document the damage done to German society and culture by the Nazis, whose program of expulsion and ultimately, extermination, deprived Germany of many of its most creative and talented citizens from all walks of life. One of the most striking events is a portrait exhibition devoted to approximately 200 people exiled or killed under the Third Reich. A large photo and brief biography of each person have been placed on pillars that will be displayed in various locations around Berlin during 2013 (the exhibition and associated events continue until November). Of course, Weill is featured (see photo at right), along with Lotte Lenya and many other fellow composers and artists. The pillars were put on display at the Brandenburg Gate on 31 January, the anniversary of Hitler’s ascension (see photo below).


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Deutsches Historisches Museum home page for the exhibition (in English)

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Pillars by Brandenburg Gate