Presenters and performers continue to grapple with restrictions imposed by coronavirus, unlike any we have seen before. As the performing arts community searches for ways to restart, Kurt Weill’s ingenious, innovative scores offer a wide range of proven audience-pleasers. In both theaters and concert halls, producers may choose from a panoply of compositions–in original orchestrations or in authorized arrangements–that call for smaller ensembles and simplify the process of resuming live performances.

Stage Works

Requests to perform Weill’s stage works with the authorized piano reductions alone are routinely approved because of the organization’s limited pit size, theater size, or budget.

Concert Works

Also available

These stage and concert works represent only a fraction of the possibilities from the catalogue, which also includes chamber music, arrangements of popular melodies from operas and musicals, songs for voice and piano, and revues. Please see the complete list of Weill’s works for additional ideas. We urge you to write to for help or further suggestions.