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Sins at Carnegie Hall

Detroit Symphony Performs at Spring for Music Festival


Venue: Carnegie Hall
Soloist: Storm Large
Conductor: Leonard Slatkin
Orchestra: Detroit Symphony
Date: 9 May 2013
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Carnegie Hall's annual Spring for Music Festival, which features American orchestras, will host the Detroit Symphony on 9 May with a program featuring Rachmaninoff, Ravel, and Weill's Die sieben Tods√ľnden. Two days earlier, on 7 May, dso-slatkinthe orchestra will perform the Sins in Detroit, this time with two symphonies of Charles Ives, in a free concert (reservations required). Weill is no stranger to the Spring for Music festival; just one year ago the New Jersey Symphony gave his Symphony no. 1 under Jacques Lacombe.

Soloist Storm Large will have a busy week, with not one but five concert performances of the Sins on her schedule. On 3 May, she will sing with the Oregon Symphony under Carlos Kalmar, in Seattle. The next two nights she will perform again with the Oregon Symphony, this time in Portland. Then she will appear in Detroit on 7 May and New York on 9 May. Five concerts, four cities, two coasts--that's an ambitious agenda for any singer.



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Detroit Symphony at Carnegie Hall

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Originally posted: 19 April 2013
Last updated: 1 May 2013