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Songplay (1996)

Plotted revue by Jonathan Eaton incorporating songs by Weill
with texts by various authors.

Song List
Performance Information


An original drama that uses Weill's songs as vehicles for much of the plot and action. Six characters--four men and two women--are waiting for a ship that will take them to the utopia of Youkali. As they interact, their individual histories emerge, and attractions and repulsions are formed within the group. After a series of confrontations, they are able to make peace with each other and with themselves. Finally they realize that a journey to Youkali will not solve their problems, and they are better off remaining where they are.

Song list

Act I
My Ship
The Song of the Brown Islands
How Can You Tell an American?
I'm Your Man
Bill's Beer Hall in Bilbao
Barbara Song
It's a Miracle of Nature
Apple Jack
Sailor's Tango
Song of the Rhineland
Havu l'venim
Mon Ami, My Friend
This Time Next Year
Alabama Song
I'm Waiting to Sail
Song of the Bigshot
Surabaya Johnny

Act II
Lonely House
Nanna's Song
Trouble Man
Song of Mandalay
Mack the Knife
It's a Miracle of Nature
High Wind in Jamaica
Girl of the Moment
How Much I Love You
Speak Low
Lost in the Stars
Here Comes the Train to Heaven
Baa m'nucha
Stay Well
This Time Next Year
September Song
Here I'll Stay

Performance Information

Cast: singing roles -- soprano, mezzo-soprano, 2 tenors, baritone, bass.
Orchestra: Small instrumental ensemble.
Duration: full evening
Performance Rights and Rentals: All territories: Jonathan Eaton/EAMC
First production: September 26, 1996, Cincinnati, Playhouse in the Park, Jonathan Eaton, dir., David Seaman, cond.

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