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Stage Works

Aufstieg und Fall der Stadt Mahagonny. Anja Silja, Anny Schlemm, Wolfgang Neumann, Kölner Rundfunkorchester, Jan Latham-König, cond. Capriccio digital C75-159/1-3, CD 10 160-61. (Reissued 2015 on Capriccio C7184.)

Aufstieg und Fall der Stadt Mahagonny. Lotte Lenya; Wilhelm Brückner-Rüggeberg, cond. CBS Masterworks CD M2K 37874. (Reissued 2003 as Sony Classical SM2K 91184; reissued 2006 as Membran International 223250-311; reissued 2007 as Line Music 5.00959; reissued 2011 as Sony 88697856212 (Sony Opera House series)).

Die Bürgschaft. Frederick Burchinal, Dale Travis, Margaret Thompson, Westminster Choir, Spoleto Festival USA Orchestra, Julius Rudel, cond. EMI 7243 5 56976 2.

Down in the Valley. Soloists; Fredonia Chamber Singers; Kammerchor der Universität Dortmund; Orchester Campus Cantat 90; Willi Gundlach, cond. Capriccio 60 020-1.

Down in the Valley. Marion Bell, William McGraw, Kenneth Smith, RCA Victor Orchestra and Chorus, Peter Herman Adler, cond. Sepia 1052. With Lady in the Dark.

Down in the Valley. Alfred Drake, Jane Wilson, Norman Atkins, Maurice Levine, cond. Stage Door Records STAGE 2490. With Sing out, Sweet Land!.

Die Dreigroschenoper. Wiener Staatsoper; Liane, Roswaenge, Preger, Jerger, et al.; F. Charles Adler, cond. Vanguard Classics OVC 8057. (Reissued 2007 on Line Music/Cantus Classics 5.00951.)

Die Dreigroschenoper. Frankfurt Opera; Wolfgang Rennert, cond. Philips 426 668-2. [CD reissue of 1966 recording.]

Die Dreigroschenoper. Kollo, Kemper, Milva, Adorf, Dernesch; RIAS Berlin Sinfonietta, John Mauceri, cond. London 430075. (Reissued 2012 on Decca 478 4581.)

Die Dreigroschenoper. Bulgarian Television and Radio Mixed Choir and Symphony Orchestra; Victor Symonette, cond. Koch International Classics 3-7006-2.

Die Dreigroschenoper. Lotte Lenya; Wilhelm Brückner-Rüggeberg, cond. CBS MK 42637. (Reissued 2012 on Sony Classical 88691932192.)

Die Dreigroschenoper. Baal, Clarin, Degenhardt, Drews, Held, Messemer, Qualtinger, Wieder; Harald Vock, Regie; James Last, Musikalische Leitung. Polyphon 847 515-2; Polydor 543 563-2.

[Die Dreigroschenoper] L’Opera de Quat’Sous. In French: Oswald D’Andrea, cond. Disques Jacques Canetti 101272.

[Die Dreigroschenoper] The Threepenny Opera. English translation by Marc Blitzstein. Lotte Lenya; Leonard Bernstein, cond. Recorded live in 1952 at Brandeis University (world premiere of Blitzstein adaptation). West Hill Radio Archives WHRA-6048. (Part of 11-CD set titled Leonard Bernstein: Historical Recordings, 1941-1961.)

[Die Dreigroschenoper] The Threepenny Opera. English translation by Marc Blitzstein. Lotte Lenya; Samuel Matlowsky, cond. Decca Broadway 012 159 463-2. (Issued in Europe 2007 on Line Music/Cantus Classics 5.00951.)

[Die Dreigroschenoper] The Threepenny Opera. English translation by Ralph Manheim and John Willett. New York Shakespeare Festival (1976): Raul Julia, Ellen Greene, et al.; Stanley Silverman, cond. Sony Masterworks 51520.

[Die Dreigroschenoper] The Threepenny Opera [Overture]. Vienna State Opera Orchestra, F. Charles Adler, conductor. Vanguard VCD 72009.

[Die Dreigroschenoper] The Threepenny Opera. English translation by Jeremy Sams. Gary Yershon, cond. JAY CDJAY 1244. (Selections available on “The Musicals Collection,” no. 56.)

Die Dreigroschenoper. Raffeiner, Henschel, Kante, Jan Latham-König, cond. Capriccio 60 058-1. (Reissued 2015 on Capriccio C7178.)

Die Dreigroschenoper. Raabe, Gruber, Hagen, MacDonald, Ensemble Modern, HK Gruber, BMG Classics 74321-66133-2.

The Eternal Road (highlights). Karl Dent, James Maddalena, Ted Christopher, Barbara Rearick, Ernst Senff Chor, Rundfunk-Sinfonieorchester Berlin, Gerard Schwarz, cond. Milken Archive of American Jewish Music/Naxos American Classics 8.559402.

The Firebrand of Florence. Rodney Gilfry, Lori Ann Fuller, George Dvorsky, Sam Brookes; BBC Singers; BBC Symphony; Sir Andrew Davis, cond. Capriccio 60 091.

Happy End. Lotte Lenya; Wilhelm Brückner-Rüggeberg, cond. Columbia Special Projects COS 2032, CBS Masterworks CD MK 42636 (reissued 2006 as Sony Classical 82876 78754 2; reissued 2012 on Sony Classical 88691932192).

Happy End. Gabriele Ramm, Walter Raffeiner, Karin Ploog, Steven Kimbrough, and others; Pro Musica Köln, König Ensemble; Jan Latham-König, cond. Capriccio 60 015-1. (Reissued 2015 on Capriccio C7184.)

Happy End (English adaptation by Michael Feingold). Charlotte Cohn, Peter Macon, Linda Mugleston, Sab Shimono, and others; American Conservatory Theatre; Constantine Kitsopoulos, cond. Ghostlight Records 7915584418-2.

Happy End. (Songspiel version). Meriel Dickinson, Mary Thomas, Philip Langridge, Ian Partridge, Benjamin Luxon; London Sinfonietta, David Atherton, cond. Deutsche Grammophon 289 459 442-2.

Der Jasager. Soloists; Fredonia Chamber Singers; Kammerchor der Universität Dortmund; Orchester Campus Cantat 90; Willi Gundlach, cond. Capriccio 60 020-1. (Reissued 2015 on Capriccio C7178.)

Der Jasager. Wolfgang Pailer, Ursula Stumpe, Mathias Schreck. Chor und Orchester des Alexander- von-Humboldt-Gymnasiums Konstanz, Peter Bauer, cond. FONO FCD 97 734.

Der Jasager. Willibald Vohla, Josef Protschka, Lys Bert Symonette, Düsseldorf Children’s Chorus and Chamber Orchestra, Sigfried Köhler, cond. Polydor 839 727-2 (reissued 2007 on Line Music 5.00991; reissued 2009 on Membran Music 232579).

Johnny Johnson. Burgess Meredith, Thomas Stewart, Evelyn Lear and others; Samuel Matlowsky, cond. Polydor 831-384-2.

Johnny Johnson. Boston Camerata, The Otaré Pit Band, Joel Cohen, cond. Erato 0630-17870-2. (Reissued 2004 on Elatus 2564 61359-2.)

Knickerbocker Holiday. Kelli O’Hara, Victor Garber, Bryce Pinkham, Ben Davis, Collegiate Chorale, American Symphony Orchestra, James Bagwell, cond. (live recording). Ghostlight 8-4450.

Knickerbocker Holiday. Various artists conducted by Maurice de Abravanel and Harold Levy. AEI-CD 007. [CD reissue]

Der Kuhhandel [excerpts]. Soloists; Kölner Rundfunk chor, Kölner Rundfunkorchester; Jan Latham-König, cond. Capriccio 60 013-1. (Reissued 2015 on Capriccio C7184.)

Lady in the Dark. Risë Stevens, Adolph Green, John Reardon and others; Lehman Engel, cond. Sony MHK 62869.

Lady in the Dark. Gertrude Lawrence and Macdonald Carey [radio version]. AEI-CD 003.

Lady in the Dark. Ann Sothern, Carleton Carpenter, James Daly, Shepperd Strudwick. Includes bonus tracks of performances by Gertrude Lawrence. AEI-CD 041.

Lady in the Dark. Ann Sothern, Carleton Carpenter, James Daly, Shepperd Strudwick. Sepia 1052. With Down in the Valley.

Lady in the Dark. Maria Friedman, James Dreyfus, Steven Edward Moore (Original London cast, Royal National Theatre). Jay CDJAY 1278/TER CDTER 1244.

Lost in the Stars. Todd Duncan, Inez Matthews, Frank Roane and others; Maurice Levine, cond. MCA MCAD-10302 (reissued on Decca Broadway 0881 10302-2).

Lost in the Stars. Gregory Hopkins, Cynthia Clarey, and others; Orchestra of St. Luke’s; Concert Chorale of New York; Julius Rudel, cond. MusicMasters Classics 01612-67100-2 (reissued 2003 on Musical Heritage 5171577; reissued 2009 on Nimbus NI 2543).

Mahagonny Songspiel. Ute Gfrerer, Winnie Böwe, amarcord; Ensemble Modern, HK Gruber, cond. Ensemble Modern Medien EMCD-040. With Chansons des quais and Kleine Dreigroschenmusik.

Mahagonny Songspiel. Ute Lemper, Susanne Tremper, Helmut Wildhaber, Peter Haage, Thomas Mohr, Manfred Jungwirth; Berlin RIAS Chamber Ensemble, John Mauceri, cond. Decca 430 168-2.

Mahagonny Songspiel. London Sinfonietta, David Atherton, cond. Deutsche Grammophon 423 255-2, CD reissue 423 255-2.

Mahagonny Songspiel. Jerusalem Symphony, Lukas Foss, cond. VoxBox CDX 5043.

Marie Galante. Joy Bogen, soprano, Thomas Hrynkiw, piano, Orchestra of St. Luke’s, Victor Symonette, cond. Koch Schwann 3-6592-2. With five songs from Davy Crockett.

Marie Galante. Loes Luca, Ensemble Dreigroschen; Giorgio Bernasconi, cond. Assai 207192. With French songs and songs from L’opéra de quat’sous.

Marie Galante. Loes Luca, Willem Breuker Kollektief. BVHaast CD 9808. With Öl-Musik and songs.

Marie Galante. Lysbeth Riemersma, soprano, Dreigroschen Orchester, Peter Kleine Schaars, cond. Aliud ACD HN 021-2. With Öl-Musik and Kleine Dreigroschenmusik.

One Touch of Venus. Mary Martin, Kenny Baker; Maurice Abravanel, conductor. MCA Classics MCAD 11354.

One Touch of Venus. Performed by Takarazuka troupe in Japanese. TMP TMPC-202-3.

One Touch of Venus. Melissa Errico, Brent Barrett, Ron Raines, et al. National Symphony Orchestra, John Owen Edwards and James Holmes, cond. JAY Records CDJAY2 1362 (2 CD’s).

[One Touch of Venus] Ein Hauch von Venus. Johanna Spantzel, Jannik Harneit, Christian Grygas, et al. In German. Staatsoperette Dresden; Peter Christian Feigel, conductor. Hit Squad Records 668416.

Der Protagonist. Robert Wörle, Amanda Halgrimson; Deutsches Symphonie-Orchester Berlin, John Mauceri, conductor. Capriccio 60 086.

Railroads on Parade. Original cast; radio broadcast from 1940 consisting of over half the show. Transcription Recordings, Inc.

Royal Palace. Janice Watson, Stephen Richardson; BBC Symphony Orchestra, Sir Andrew Davis, conductor. Capriccio 60 106.

Die sieben Todsünden. (The Seven Deadly Sins). Lotte Lenya; Wilhelm Brückner-Rüggeberg, cond. Sony Masterworks Heritage MHK 63222 (reissued 2006 as Sony Classical 82876 78754 2; reissued 2007 on Line Music 5.00991; reissued 2009 on Membran Music 232580; reissued 2012 on Sony Classical 88691932192).

Die sieben Todsünden. (The Seven Deadly Sins). Gisela May; Rundfunk-Sinfonieorchester Leipzig; Herbert Kegel, cond. Polydor 429 333-2. (Reissued 2015 on Brilliant Classics 95126.)

Die sieben Todsünden. (The Seven Deadly Sins) (arrangement). Songs. Sung in French. Pauline Julien; Jacques Marchand, cond. Private issue (recorded 1979).

Die sieben Todsünden. (The Seven Deadly Sins). Ute Lemper, Susanne Tremper, Helmut Wildhaber, Peter Haage, Thomas Mohr, Manfred Jungwirth; Berlin RIAS Chamber Ensemble, John Mauceri, cond. Decca 430 168-2.

Die sieben Todsünden. (The Seven Deadly Sins). Angelina Réaux, soprano; members of the Hudson Shad; Kurt Masur, conductor; New York Philharmonic. Teldec 4509-95029-2. (Reissued 2003 as Elatus 2564-60117-2; reissued 2007 as Warner Classics & Jazz 2564 69735-8; reissued 2010 as Apex 2564 68162-5.)

Die sieben Todsünden. (The Seven Deadly Sins). Serena Wey, soprano; Mark Fitz-Gerald, conductor; Basel Sinfonietta. Tonkühn 001. Re-issued 2023 on First Hand Records FHR 140.

Die sieben Todsünden. (The Seven Deadly Sins). Anne Sofie von Otter, soprano; John Eliot Gardiner, conductor, NDR-Sinfonie Orchester. DGG CD 439 894-2. With songs.

Die sieben Todsünden. (The Seven Deadly Sins). Anne Donnadieu, mezzo-soprano, Fabrice Pierre, conductor, Orchestre du Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique de Lyon. Hewlett-Packard Foundation HPF CD6. With Violin Concerto.

Die sieben Todsünden. (The Seven Deadly Sins). Elise Ross, soprano; Simon Rattle, cond. EMI Classics 7 64739 2. (Reissued 1998 on HMV 5 72837 2; reissued 2009 on EMI Classics 50999 6 97185 2 6.)

Die sieben Todsünden. (The Seven Deadly Sins). Julia Migenes, London Symphony Orchestra, Michael Tilson Thomas, cond. CBS Masterworks CD 44529 (reissued 2004 as Sony SBK91129; reissued 2012 as CBS (Sony Opera House) 88697988052).

Die sieben Todsünden. (The Seven Deadly Sins). Anja Silja, soprano; The Cleveland Orchestra; Christoph von Dohnányi, cond. The Cleveland Orchestra Seventy-Fifth Anniversary Compact Disc Edition TCO93-75.

Die sieben Todsünden. (The Seven Deadly Sins). Songs. Gisela May, with various artists. Berlin Classics BC 2069-2 (reissued 2006 as Berlin Classics Reference 0013752BC).

Die sieben Todsünden. (The Seven Deadly Sins). Kölner Rundfunkorchester; Lothar Zagrosek, cond. Mahagonny Songspiel. König-Ensemble; Jan Latham-König, cond. Capriccio 60 028-1. (Reissued 2015 on Capriccio C7178.)

Die sieben Todsünden (The Seven Deadly Sins). Songs. Brigitte Fassbaender, Radio-Philharmonie Hannover des NDR, Cord Garben, cond. Harmonia Mundi France HMC 901420. (Reissued 2006 as Harmonia Mundi HMA 1951420.)

Die sieben Todsünden (The Seven Deadly Sins). Songs. Pascal von Wroblewsky, Orchester der Komischen Oper Berlin, Mario Vencago, cond. Deutsche Schallplatten DS 1048-2.

Die sieben Todsünden (The Seven Deadly Sins). With Symphony no. 2. Teresa Stratas, L’Orchestre de l’Opéra National de Lyon, Kent Nagano, cond. Erato 0630-17068-2.

Die sieben Todsünden (The Seven Deadly Sins). Songs. Marianne Faithfull, Vienna Radio Symphony Orchestra, Dennis Russell Davies, cond. Sung in English. Reverso/RCA Victor 74321 601192. (Reissued 2004 as RCA Red Seal 82876-60872-2.)

Die sieben Todsünden (The Seven Deadly Sins). Songs. Jasperina de Jong, Rotterdam Young Philharmonic, Henk Guittart, cond. Brigadoon BIS 040. With ten songs.

Die sieben Todsünden. (The Seven Deadly Sins). Anja Silja, soprano; SWR Rundfunkorchester Kaiserslautern; Grzegorz Nowak, cond. Hänssler CD 93.109. (Re-issued 2019 as SWR Music SWR19519CD.)

Die sieben Todsünden. (The Seven Deadly Sins). Tora Augestad, mezzo-soprano; Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra; Joshua Weilerstein, cond. LAWO LWC1164.

[Der Silbersee] Silverlake. In an English adaptation; New York City Opera; Julius Rudel, cond. Nonesuch 79003-2.

Der Silbersee. Hildegard Heichele, Eva Tamassy, Udo Holdorf, Wolfgang Schmidt, and others; Pro Musica Köln, Kölner Rundfunkorchester, Jan Latham-König, cond. Capriccio 60 011-2. (Reissued 2015 on Capriccio C7178.)

Der Silbersee. Kruse, Lascarro, Dernesch, Clark, Gruber, London Sinfonietta, Markus Stenz, cond. BMG Classics 09026-63447-2.

Street Scene. Original Broadway cast. Columbia COL 4139, mono, CBS Masterworks MK 44668 (reissued 2009 on Bag of Rags bor004).

Street Scene. Hollywood Bowl, August 1949 (recorded for broadcast). Naxos Musicals 8.120885.

Street Scene. English National Opera, Carl Davis, cond. TER Classics Label CDTER2 1173 (2 CD’s). (Reissued 1995 as Musical Heritage MHS 523330M.)

Street Scene. Josephine Barstow, Samuel Ramey, Angelina Réaux, Jerry Hadley. John Mauceri, cond. Decca 433 371-2.

Der Zar lässt sich photographieren. Barry McDaniel, Marita Napier, Kölner Rundfunkorchester, Jan Latham-König, cond. Capriccio 10 147. (Reissued 2015 on Capriccio C7184.)

Zaubernacht (original version published as part of Kurt Weill Edition). Ania Vegry, Arte Ensemble. CPO 777 767-2.

Zaubernacht (orchestrated by Meirion Bowen). Ingrid Schmithüsen, Ensemble Contrasts, Celso Antunes, cond. Capriccio 67 011.

Concert Works

Ballad of Magna Carta. Pro Musica Köln, Kölner Rundfunk-Orchester, Jan Latham-König, conductor. Capriccio 60 012-1.

Das Berliner Requiem. The London Sinfonietta, David Atherton, cond. Polydor 429 333-2; Deutsche Grammophon 289 459 442-2.

Das Berliner Requiem. Ensemble Musique Oblique, Alexandre Laiter, Peter Kooy, Philippe Herreweghe, cond. Harmonia Mundi NMC 901422 (reissued as part of “Edition Herreweghe,” Harmonia Mundi HMX 2981422; reissued 2007 and 2010 on HMA 1951422).

Das Berliner Requiem. Robert-Schumann-Kammerorchester, Jürgen Wagner, Wolfgang Holzmair, Hartmut Schmidt, cond. Koch Schwann 314 050.

Das Berliner Requiem. Orphei Drängar, Stefan Dahlberg, Anders Bergström, Uppsala Chamber Orchestra, Robert Sund, cond. Bis CD-733.

Das Berliner Requiem. Ivan Goossens, Jacob Bloch Jespersen, Flemish Radio Choir, I Solisti del Vento, Paul Hillier, cond. Glossa GCDSA 922207.

Das Berliner Requiem. Veit Zorn, Gerd Wiemer, Staatsoperette Dresden Orchestra and Chorus, Ernst Theis, cond. CPO 777 839-2.

Das Berliner Requiem (reconstructed version by David Drew). Jan Remmers, Christian Immler, Rundfunkchor Berlin, Luzerner Sinfonieorchester, John Axelrod, cond. Nimbus NI 5807.

“Berlin in Licht” (military band arrangement). Royal Northern College of Music Wind Orchestra, Clark Rundell, cond. Chandos CHAN 10367.

Chansons des quais. Ute Gfrerer, soprano, Ensemble Modern, HK Gruber, cond. Ensemble Modern Medien EMCD-040. With Mahagonny Songspiel and Kleine Dreigroschenmusik.

“Chorale-Fantasie” from Divertimento. Poznan Philharmonic Orchestra, Andrzej Borejko, cond. CD entitled Testimonies of War = Kriegszeugnisse: 1914-1945. Largo 5130.

Concerto, violin & wind orchestra, op. 12. Nona Liddell, violinist; London Sinfonietta, David Atherton, cond. Deutsche Grammophon 289 459 442-2.

Concerto, violin & wind orchestra, op. 12. Anahid Ajemian, violinist; MGM Wind Orchestra, Izler Solomon, cond. Polydor 839727- 2.

Concerto, violin & wind orchestra, op. 12. Nell Gotkovsky, violinist; Radio-Sinfonieorchester Frankfurt, Eliahu Inbal, cond. RCA Classique RL 37090.

Concerto, violin & wind orchestra, op. 12. Susanne Lautenbacher, violinist; Detmold Wind Ensemble, Jost Michaels, cond. VoxBox CDX 5043.

Concerto, violin & wind orchestra, op. 12. Naoko Tanaka, violinist; Orchestra of St. Luke’s, Julius Rudel, cond. Musicmasters CD 6-40164. (Reissued 2005 on Musical Heritage 517947.)

Concerto, violin & wind orchestra, op. 12. Waltraut Wächter, violinist; Leipzig Radio Symphony Orchestra, Max Pommer, cond. Ondine ODE 771-2.

Concerto, violin & wind orchestra, op. 12. Elisabeth Glab, violinist, Ensemble Musique Oblique, Philippe Herreweghe, cond. Harmonia Mundi NMC 901422 (reissued as part of “Edition Herreweghe,” Harmonia Mundi HMX 2981422; reissued 2007 on HMA 1951422).

Concerto, violin & wind orchestra, op. 12. Yuval Waldman, violinist; Amor Artis Orchestra, Johannes Somary, cond. Newport Classic NCD 60098.

Concerto, violin & wind orchestra, op. 12. Rodrigue Milosi, violinist; Orchestre de Caen; Jean-Louis Basset, cond. ADDA 590033.

Concerto, violin & wind orchestra, op. 12. Eivind Aadland, violinist; Norwegian Wind Ensemble; Ole Kristian Ruud, cond. Simax PSC 1090.

Concerto, violin & wind orchestra, op. 12. Emmy Verhey, violinist; Koninklijke Miltaire Kapel; P. Kuijpers, cond. KMK KMK 005.

Concerto, violin & wind orchestra, op. 12. Gabriel Richard, violinist; Orchestre du Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique de Lyon; Fabrice Pierre, cond. Hewlett-Packard Foundation HPF CD6.

Concerto, violin & wind orchestra, op. 12. Christian Tetzlaff, violinist; Soloists of the Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie, Christian Tetzlaff, cond. Virgin Classics VC 5 45056 2. (Reissued on Virgin Classics 5 62053 2 in 2002.)

Concerto, violin & wind orchestra, op. 12. Michael Guttman, violinist; Rheinische Philharmonie, José Serebrier, cond. ASV CD DCA 987.

Concerto, violin & wind orchestra, op. 12. Chantal Juillet, violinist; Rundfunk-Sinfonieorchester Berlin, John Mauceri, cond. London CD 452 481-2.

Concerto, violin & wind orchestra, op. 12. Frank Peter Zimmermann, violinist; Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, Mariss Jansons, cond. EMI CDC5565732. (Reissued on EMI Classics 7243 5 75658 2 0 in 2003. Reissued 2009 on EMI Classics 50999 6 97185 2 6. Reissued 2012 on EMI Classics 50999 6 78434 2 8.)

Concerto, violin & wind orchestra, op. 12. Daniel Hope, violinist; English Symphony Orchestra, William Boughton, cond. Nimbus NI 5582.

Concerto, violin & wind orchestra, op. 12. Stefan Tönz, violinist; Luzerner Sinfonie-Orchester, Jonathan Nott, cond. Pan Classics 510 109.

Concerto, violin & wind orchestra, op. 12. Henri Raudales, violinist; Münchner Rundfunkorchester, Gerd Müller-Lorenz, cond. Orfeo C 539 001 A.

Concerto, violin & wind orchestra, op. 12. Anthony Marwood, violinist; Academy of St Martin in the Fields. Hyperion CDA67496.

Concerto, violin & wind orchestra, op. 12. Régis Pasquier, violinist; Orchestre de Picardie, Edmon Colomer, cond. Calliope CAL 9392.

Concerto, violin & wind orchestra, op. 12. Kolja Blacher, violinist; Mahler Chamber Orchestra, Claudio Abbado, cond. Deutsche Grammophon 476 4144.

Concerto, violin & wind orchestra, op. 12. Anton Miller, violinist; Hartt School Wind Ensemble, Glen Adsit, cond. Naxos 8.572889 (CD titled Dragon Rhyme).

Concerto, violin & wind orchestra, op. 12. John Gilbert, violinist; Baton Rouge Symphony Chamber Players, Timothy Muffitt, cond. Sono Luminus DSL-92161.

Concerto, violin & wind orchestra, op. 12. Gabriele Pieranunzi, violinist; Soloists of the San Carlo Theatre, Naples, Jeffrey Tate, cond. Concerto CD 2071.

Concerto, violin & wind orchestra, op. 12. Tamás Kocsis, violinist; Ulster Orchestra, Jac van Steen, cond. SOMM SOMMCD 280.

Four Walt Whitman Songs. CD entitled This Is the Life. Steven Kimbrough, baritone, Dalton Baldwin, piano. Arabesque Recordings CD Z6579.

Four Walt Whitman Songs. CD entitled Requiem: The Pity of War. Ian Bostridge, tenor, Antonio Pappano, piano. Warner Classics 0190295661564.

Four Walt Whitman Songs. CD entitled Berlin im Licht: Kurt Weill Songbook. Ricardo Panela, baritone, Alberto Sousa, tenor, Nuno Vieira de Almeida, piano. Artway AWR 021 002.

Four Walt Whitman Songs. CD entitled Desiderium. John Matthew Myers, tenor, Myra Huang, piano. Avie AV2512.

Four Walt Whitman Songs. Wolfgang Holzmair, baritone, Robert-Schumann-Kammerorchester, Marc-Andreas Schlingensiepen, cond. Koch Schwann 314 050.

Four Walt Whitman Songs. Thomas Hampson, baritone, Radiosymphonieorchester Wien, Dennis Russell Davies, cond. Capriccio C5500.

Frauentanz. Rosemary Hardy, soprano, Ensemble Modern, HK Gruber, cond. CD entitled Berlin im Licht. Largo 5114.

Frauentanz. Anna-Maria Palii, soprano, members of the Symphonieorchester des Bayerischen Rundfunks. CD entitled 1923. BR Klassik 900206.

Hatikvah (Weill’s orchestration of the Israeli national anthem). Barcelona Symphony, Karl Anton Rickenbacher, cond. Milken Archive of American Jewish Music/Naxos American Classics 8.559461.

Kiddush. Richard Botton; Central Synagogue Choir, James Christensen, organist. Rockport Records RR 5009.

Kiddush. Marcel Lang; Vocapella; Susanne Doll, organist; Joachim Krause, cond. Cantando 9712.

Kiddush. Jürgen Wagner; Robert-Schumann-Kammerorchester, Marc-Andreas Schlingensiepen, cond. Koch Schwann 314 050.

Kiddush. Avery Tracht; Jules van Hessen, cond. Erasmus WVH195.

Kiddush. Rebecca Garfein; Arnold Ostlund, Jr., organist. Bari Productions.

Kiddush. Roslyn Barak; Daniel Lockert, organist. Balance BAL-9452-1.

Kleine Dreigroschenmusik. Philharmonia Orchestra, Otto Klemperer, cond. EMI Classics CDM 7 64142 2. (Reissued 2013 on EMI 50999 4 04401 2 5.)

Kleine Dreigroschenmusik. Orchester der Berliner Staatsoper, Otto Klemperer, cond. (“Great Conductors of the 20th Century” series, no. 19.) EMI Classics 7243 5 75465 2 2; also available on Pearl GEMM CDS 9189 (includes only four movements: Moritat, Ballade vom angenehmen Leben, Tango-Ballade, Kanonensong.).

Kleine Dreigroschenmusik. Ensemble Modern, HK Gruber, cond. Ensemble Modern Medien EMCD-040. With Mahagonny Songspiel and Chansons des quais.

Kleine Dreigroschenmusik. Boston Symphony Orchestra, Erich Leinsdorf, cond. RCA 88985395032 (disc 8 of “John Browning: The Complete RCA Album Collection”).

Kleine Dreigroschenmusik. Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Erich Leinsdorf, cond. Chicago Symphony Orchestra Special Edition, disc 9, CSO CD 90-09.

Kleine Dreigroschenmusik. London Symphony Orchestra, Michael Tilson Thomas, cond. CBS MK 44529 (reissued 2004 as Sony SBK91129; reissued 2012 as CBS (Sony Opera House) 88697988052).

Kleine Dreigroschenmusik. Canadian Chamber Ensemble; Raffi Armenian, cond. CBC SMCD 5010.

Kleine Dreigroschenmusik. Contemporary Chamber Ensemble; Arthur Weisberg, cond. Nonesuch 9-71281-2.

Kleine Dreigroschenmusik. Music for Westchester Symphony Orchestra; Siegfried Landau, cond. Vox CDX 5043.

Kleine Dreigroschenmusik. London Sinfonietta; David Atherton, cond. Deutsche Grammophon 289 459 442-2.

Kleine Dreigroschenmusik. Leipzig Radio Symphony Orchestra, Max Pommer, cond. Ondine ODE 771-2.

Kleine Dreigroschenmusik. Orchestra of St. Luke’s, Julius Rudel, cond. Musicmasters 6-40164. (Reissued 2005 on Musical Heritage 517947.)

Kleine Dreigroschenmusik. Rundfunkorchester des Bayerischen Rundfunks, Peter Stangel, cond. Obligat Classics ob.01.228.

Kleine Dreigroschenmusik. Ohio University Wind Ensemble, John A. Climer, cond. Ohio University 220D2.

Kleine Dreigroschenmusik. Philip Jones Brass Ensemble. London 417354-2 (CD) [Arrangement for brass instruments].

Kleine Dreigroschenmusik. Chicago Pro Musica. Reference Recordings RR-29 (LP and CD).

Kleine Dreigroschenmusik. Münchner Rundfunkorchester, Gerd Müller-Lorenz, cond. Orfeo C 539 001 A.

Kleine Dreigroschenmusik. Meadows Wind Ensemble. Gasparo GSCD-357.

Kleine Dreigroschenmusik. Swiss Brass Consort. Obrasso Records CD 868. [Arrangement for brass instruments and percussion.]

Kleine Dreigroschenmusik. Embrassy. SonArte SP-19. [Arrangement for brass instruments and percussion.]

Kleine Dreigroschenmusik. Dreigroschen Orchester, Peter Kleine Schaars, cond. Aliud ACD HN 021-2. With Marie Galante and Öl-Musik.

Kleine Dreigroschenmusik. Ebony Band, Werner Herbers, cond. Channel Classics CCS 25109.

Kleine Dreigroschenmusik. Marine Band of the Royal Netherlands Navy, Major Arjan Tien, cond. Channel Classics CCS 42019. (Album titled, “Worthweill Originals.”)

Kleine Dreigroschenmusik. The Voxman Project, Richard Mark Heidel, cond. Crystal Records CD782.

Kleine Dreigroschenmusik. Pindakaas Saxophone Quartet. Classic Clips CLCL 904. [Arrangement for saxophone quartet.]

Kleine Dreigroschenmusik. Vlaams Radio Orkest, Jan Latham-König, cond. Live recording. Vlaams Radio Orkest VROK 2000/1. [Includes movements 2, 4, and 6 only.]

Kleine Dreigroschenmusik. Brass Ensemble Zero and Jeroen Berwaerts. NAR NARD-6008. [Includes movements 1, 2, 4, 5, and 6 only.]

Kleine Dreigroschenmusik. Berlage Saxophone Quartet. MDG MDG 903 1999-6. [Includes movements 4, 5, 5a, and 6 only.]

“Klops-Lied.” Rosemary Hardy, soprano, Ensemble Modern, HK Gruber, cond. CD entitled Berlin im Licht. Largo 5114.

Lady in the Dark. Overture. CD entitled The Musical Goes Symphonic. Orchester der vereinigten Bühnen Wien, Caspar Richter, cond. Chesky CD237.

Langsamer Fox und Algi-Song. Rosemary Hardy, soprano, Ueli Wiget, piano. CD entitled Berlin im Licht. Largo 5114.

Legende vom toten Soldaten. Niederrheinische Chorgemeinschaft. Koch Schwann, 314 050.

Der Lindberghflug/Der Ozeanflug. Pro Musica Köln, Kölner Rundfunk-Orchester, Jan Latham-König, cond. Capriccio 60 012-1. (Reissued 2015 on Capriccio C7178.)

Der neue Orpheus. CD entitled Portrait Vol. 3–Gabriele Rossmanith. Gabriele Rossmanith, soprano, Volker Worlitzsch, violinist, Radio-Philharmonie Hannover des NDR, Cord Garben, cond. Canterino CD CNT 1073.

Der neue Orpheus. Carole Farley, soprano, Michael Guttman, violinist, Rheinische Philharmonie, José Serebrier, cond. ASV CD DCA 987.

Der neue Orpheus. Kathryn Harries, soprano, Michael Davis, violinist, BBC Symphony Orchestra, Sir Andrew Davis, cond. Capriccio 60 106.

Ofrahs Lieder. CD entitled Unquiet Peace: The Lied Between the Wars. Cyndia Sieden, soprano; William Sharp, baritone; The New York Festival of Songs; Steven Blier, piano. Koch International Classics 3-7086-2H1.

Ofrahs Lieder. CD entitled Kurt Weill: A Musical Portrait. Stefanie Wüst, soprano; Thomas Wise, piano. Al Segno as 2010 2.

Propheten (devised from Act IV of The Eternal Road by David Drew). Kurt Azesberger, Albert Dohmen, et al., soloists, Radiosymphonieorchester Wien, Dennis Russell Davies, cond. Recording of world premiere performance. Capriccio C5500.

Der Protagonist. First pantomime. London Sinfonietta, David Atherton, cond. Deutsche Grammophon 289 459 442-2.

Quodlibet. Westphalian Symphony Orchestra, Siegfried Landau, cond. VoxBox CDX 5043.

Quodlibet. SWR Rundfunkorchester Kaiserslautern; Grzegorz Nowak, cond. Hänssler CD 93.109. (Reissued 2019 on SWR Music SWR19519CD.)

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Recordare, op. 11. Tanglewood Festival Chorus, John Oliver, cond. Nonesuch-79050, CD 9-79050-2.

Recordare, op. 11. Niederrheinische Chorgemeinschaft, Hartmut Schmidt, cond. Koch Schwann 314 050.

The Road of Promise. (Oratorio version of The Eternal Road.) Live recording of U.S. premiere. Anthony Dean Griffey, Mark Delavan, Ron Rifkin, AJ Glueckert, Lauren Michelle, Megan Marino, Justin Hopkins, et al.; MasterVoices, Orchestra of St. Luke’s, Ted Sperling, cond. Navona Records NV6059.

Royal Palace: Filmszene. Ensemble Recherche; Lothar Zagrosek, conductor. Montaigne/Auvidis MO 782068.

Sieben Stücke nach der Dreigroschenoper, arr. for violin and piano. Alexis Galpérine, violin; Jeff Cohen, piano. Gallo CD-676.

Sieben Stücke nach der Dreigroschenoper, arr. for violin and piano. CD entitled Trails of Creativity. David Frühwirth, violin; Henri Sigfridsson, piano. Avie 0009.

Sieben Stücke nach der Dreigroschenoper, arr. for violin and piano. Benjamin Schmid, violin; Lisa Smirnova, piano. Ondine ODE 1253-2.

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Sieben Stücke nach der Dreigroschenoper, arr. for violin and piano. CD entitled Viveza in Concert. Gwen Thompson, violin; Robert Holliston, piano. Viveza VIV70513. [Simplified arrangement further arranged; lacks “Seeräuberjenny.”]

Sieben Stücke nach der Dreigroschenoper, arr. for violin and piano. CD entitled The Decca Masters, vol II. Jascha Heifetz, violin; Emanuel Bay, piano. MCA Classics MCAD-42212. [Includes only “Moritat von Mackie Messer.”]

Sieben Stücke nach der Dreigroschenoper, arr. for violin and piano. CD entitled Opera Fantasies for Violin. Livia Sohn, violin; Benjamin Loeb, piano. Naxos 8.570202. [Includes only “Moritat von Mackie Messer.”]

Sonata for cello & piano. Johannes Goritzki, cello; David Levine, piano. Claves CD 50-8908.

Sonata for cello & piano. Roger Drinkall, cello; Dian Baker, piano. Pyramid 13505.

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Sonata for cello & piano. CD entitled Censored by Hitler. Arthur Cook, cello; Deborah Gilwood, piano. Centaur CRC 2575.

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Suite from Die Dreigroschenoper (arr. Max Schönherr). Basel Sinfonietta, Mark Fitz-Gerald, cond. Tonkühn 001. Re-issued 2023 on First Hand Records FHR 140.

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Symphony no. 1. Symphony no. 2. Gewandhausorchester Leipzig; Edo de Waart, cond. Philips 6500 642.

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Symphony no. 2. Orchestre Métropolitain du Grand Montréal, Yannick Nézet-Séguin, cond. ATMA Classique ACD2 2324. With songs. (Reissued 2006 as Atma Classique ALCD2 1036 with Nino Rota’s La strada.)

Symphony no. 2. Rotterdam Philharmonic, Lahav Shani, cond. Warner Classics 0190295478346.

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Symphonic Nocturne from Lady in the Dark. With Symphonies no. 1-2. Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra, Marin Alsop, cond. Naxos 8.557481.

“Tango-Ballade” from Dreigroschenoper, arranged for piano solo. Felicja Blumental. Brana Records BR0014.

“Three Songs Arranged by Luciano Berio.” CD entitled Nel labirinto della voce. Cathy Berberian, vocals, with various ensembles. Aura AUR 146-2. [Includes “Song of Sexual Slavery,” “Le grand Lustucru,” and “Surabaya Johnny,” arranged by Berio.]

“Three Songs Arranged by Luciano Berio.” CD entitled Recital I for Cathy. Cathy Berberian, vocals; Juilliard Ensemble, Luciano Berio, cond. BMG Classics 09026-62540-2. [Includes “Song of Sexual Slavery,” “Le grand Lustucru,” and “Surabaya Johnny,” arranged by Berio.]

“Three Songs Arranged by Luciano Berio.” CD entitled Orchestra of Our Time. Johanna Albrecht, mezzo-soprano; Joel Thome, cond. Vox CDX 5144. [Includes “Surabaya Johnny” arranged by Berio.]

“Two Folksongs of the New Palestine.” CD entitled Dancing on the Edge of a Volcano: Jewish Cabaret, Popular, and Political Songs, 1900-1945. New Budapest Orpheum Society, Ilya Levinson, music director, Philip Bohlman, artistic director. Cedille CDR 90000 065 (2 CD’s).

“Two Worlds of Kurt Weill” (arr. Morton Gould). CD entitled The Hollywood Bowl on Broadway. Hollywood Bowl Orchestra, John Mauceri, cond. Philips 446 404-2.

Vom Tod im Wald. Michael Rippon; London Sinfonietta, David Atherton, cond. Deutsche Grammophon 289 459 442-2.

Vom Tod im Wald. Tomas Möwes; Leipzig Radio Symphony Orchestra, Max Pommer, cond. Ondine ODE 771-2.

Vom Tod im Wald. Peter Kooy; Ensemble Musique Oblique, Philippe Herreweghe, cond. Harmonia Mundi NMC 901422 (reissued as part of “Edition Herreweghe,” Harmonia Mundi HMX 2981422; reissued 2007 on HMA 1951422).

Vom Tod im Wald. Jacob Bloch Jespersen, I Solisti del Vento, Paul Hillier, cond. Glossa GCDSA 922207.

Zu Potsdam unter den Eichen. Musik zwischen den Kriegen: Eine Berliner Dokumentation. Thorofon/Capella DTHK 341.

Zu Potsdam unter den Eichen. Niederrheinische Chorgemeinschaft, Hartmut Schmidt, cond. Koch Schwann 314 050.

Zu Potsdam unter den Eichen. CD entitled Testimonies of War = Kriegszeugnisse: 1914-1945. BBC Symphony Chorus, Stephen Jackson, cond. Largo 5130.

Zu Potsdam unter den Eichen. Die Singphoniker. Oehms Classics OC 817. (Part of a larger work called “Fragile: a requiem for male voices.”)

Weill Collections

Kleine DreigroschenmusikMahagonny Songspiel, Concerto for violin & winds, op. 12, Happy end (Songspiel version), Das Berliner RequiemDer Protagonist (first pantomime), Vom Tod im Wald. London Sinfonietta, David Atherton, cond. Deutsche Grammophon 289 459 442-2; Deutsche Grammophon 463 529-2.

Berlin im Licht. Soloists, Ensemble Modern; HK Gruber, cond. Includes “Berlin im Licht” (arr. Lindemann), “Slow Foxtrot and Algi-Song,” “Klops-Lied,” Frauentanz, op. 10, “Bastille Music,” “Oil Music,” “Panama Suite” from Marie Galante, “Cowboy Song” and “Captain’s Song” from Johnny Johnson, and “Die stille Stadt.” Largo CD 5114/7243 5 56638 (U.S. release). (Reissued 2011 as Largo 5114.)

Four Walt Whitman Songs, Berliner Requiem, Recordare, and other selections. 1990 North Rhine Westphalia Kurt Weill Festival. Koch-Schwann CD 314 050.

Kleine Dreigroschenmusik, Concerto for violin & winds, op. 12, Vom Tod im Wald. Waltraut Wächter, violin; Tomas Möwes, bass; Leipzig Radio Symphony Orchestra; Max Pommer, cond. Ondine ODE 771-2.

Concerto for violin & winds, op. 12, Vom Tod im Wald, Das Berliner Requiem. Peter Kooy, bass; Elisabeth Glab, violin; Ensemble Musique Oblique; Philippe Herreweghe, cond. Harmonia Mundi NMC 901422 (reissued as part of “Edition Herreweghe,” Harmonia Mundi HMX 2981422; reissued 2007 as Harmonia Mundi HMA 1951422).

The Berlin Project. Various performers. Includes Kleine DreigroschenmusikConcerto for violin & winds, op. 12Quodlibet, op. 9Mahagonny Songspiel. VoxBox CDX 5043 (2 CD’s).

Marie Galante, Five songs from Davy Crockett. Joy Bogen, soprano, Thomas Hrynkiw, piano, Orchestra of St. Luke’s, Victor Symonette, cond. Koch Schwann 3-6592-2.

Kurt Weill. Loes Luca, vocals, Willem Breuker Kollektief. Includes Öl-MusikMarie Galante, and songs. BVHaast CD 9808.

Kurt Weill. Basel Sinfonietta, Serena Wey, soprano, Mark Fitz-Gerald, cond. Includes Suite from Die Dreigroschenoper (arr. Schönherr), Die sieben TodsündenSuite panaméenne, and songs. Tonkühn 001. Re-issued 2023 on First Hand Records FHR 140.

Aspects of Kurt Weill. Dreigroschen Orchester, Lysbeth Riemersma, vocals, Peter Kleine Schaars, cond. Includes Marie GalanteKleine Dreigroschenmusik, and Öl-Musik. Aliud ACD HN 021-2.

LoveMusik. Original Broadway cast: Michael Cerveris, Donna Murphy, et al. Ghostlight Records 8-4425.

Symphony no. 2, Concerto for violin & winds, op. 12, Suite from Aufstieg und Fall der Stadt MahagonnyDie sieben Todsünden, assorted songs. Frank Peter Zimmermann, violin; Elise Ross, soprano, Robyn Archer, vocals, Thomas Hampson, baritone, Berlin Philharmonic, Mariss Jansons, cond.; City of Birmingham Symphony, Simon Rattle, cond., etc. EMI Classics 50999 6 97185 2 6.

Historical Reissues

Die Dreigroschenoper: Historical Original Recordings, 1928-31. Various artists. Teldec 9031-72025-2. Also issued as Teldec 0630-13824-9. [Includes reissues of the 1930 Ultraphon/Telefunken recordings and songs by Rudolf Nelson, Friedrich Hollaender and Wilhelm Grosz.] (Reissued 2002 as Teldec 8573-89379-2, no. 100 in Basic Editions series. Reissued 2018 as Warner 0190295774592.)

Die Dreigroschenoper: Berlin 1930. Various artists. Telefunken Legacy 0927 42663 2. (Same as above, plus five bonus tracks.)

Die Dreigroschenoper: Historical Original Recordings, 1928-31. Various artists and excerpts. Capriccio 10 346. (Reissued 2011 as part of 2-CD set on Capriccio C5061.)

Die 3 Groschenoper. Historical recordings, 1928-1932. Various artists. Trumpets of Jericho 20.1898-207.

Die Dreigroschenoper. Historical recordings, 1928-1934. Various artists and excerpts. Symposium 1285.

Die Dreigroschenoper/The Threepenny Opera. Historical recordings, 1928-1944. Various artists and excerpts. Includes songs from G.W. Pabst’s film Die 3-Groschenoper (German only). Double Gold DBG 53089 (2 CD’s). Reissued 2006 as Golden Stars GSS 5410 (3 CD’s).

Die Dreigroschenoper – Excerpts. Various artists and selections. Mastersound Profile Series CD: DFCD 1-110. Reissued on Mastersound/VAI Audio VAIA 1193.

Die 3 groschenoper/The Threepenny Opera. 1930 recording of selections plus Brecht’s renditions of “Moritat” and “Lied von der Unzulänglichkeit menschlichen Strebens.” Membran International 231873 (PC 207).

Die Dreigroschenoper. 1930 recording of selections plus Brecht’s renditions of “Moritat” and “Lied von der Unzulänglichkeit menschlichen Strebens.” MMP Records/Belly Media 1211-102.

Die Entstehungsgeschichte der Dreigroschenoper: Hörcollage von Peter Eckhart Reichel. Includes historical performances from 1927-1930 interspersed with a dramatized version of the genesis of Die Dreigroschenoper. Duophon: Edition Berliner Musenkinder 07 02 3.

Kurt Weill: Berlin, Paris, Broadway, 1928-1938. Various artists. EPM 984982 (2 CD’s).

Bertolt Brecht: Hommage. Mostly historical recordings of songs from Die Dreigroschenoper,Aufstieg und Fall der Stadt Mahagonny, and other works by Brecht. EPM 985 602.

Kurt Weill. Various artists; includes previously released recordings of Weill’s works, 1928-1943. TIM (Documents) 221310-303 (2 CD’s).

O Moon of Alabama: Historical Original Recordings, 1928-44. Various artists and excerpts. Capriccio 10 347. (Reissued 2011 as part of 2-CD set on Capriccio C5061.)

Lotte Lenya sings Kurt Weill. Collection of recordings from 1929-1956. Membran 232894.

Lotte Lenya sings Kurt Weill. Includes Lotte Lenya singt Kurt Weill (1955), Lotte Lenya Sings American Theatre Songs (1957), and Heppy End (1960). Not Now Music NOT3CD 157 (3-CD set).

Kurt Weill (Musik), Bertolt Brecht (Text). Early recordings (1929-1930) of Die Dreigroschenoper and Happy End plus Lenya’s 1956 recordings of Aufstieg und Fall der Stadt Mahagonny and Die sieben Todsünden. Includes Brecht’s renditions of two songs from Die Dreigroschenoper. Membran 232684 (4-CD set).

Bei uns um die Gedächtniskirche rum . . . : Friedrich Hollaender und das Kabarett der zwanziger Jahre.. Includes “Seeräuberjenny” performed by Lotte Lenya (1930). Edel 0014532TLR.

Die Dreigroschenband bittet zum Tanz. Lewis Ruth Band. Pumpkin Pie Records 001 99. [Includes “Der Song von Mandelay.”]

Der Weg zum Musical. Various performers. DuoPhon 01 29 3. [Includes “Tango-Ballade” performed by the Lewis Ruth Band.]

Mé srdce je jazzband (My Heart Is a Jazzband). Dol Dauber and his Orchestra, 1927-1938. Zidovske Muzeum Praha CD ZMP 007. [Includes “Tango-Ballade” and “Kanonensong.”]

Silvester 1932: eine Collage. Various sung and spoken-word recordings from Weimar Germany, arranged by Marcel Faust. Preiser 90202. [Includes excerpts from Aufstieg und Fall der Stadt Mahagonny.]

Kleine Dreigroschenmusik. “The Young Otto Klemperer.” Berlin State Opera Orchestra. Koch International 3-7053-2. [Includes movements 2, 4, 5a, 6.]

[Kleine Dreigroschenmusik] “Dreigroschen Suite” on Die Kroll-Jahre. Otto Klemperer. Symposium 1042. [Includes movements 2, 4, 5a, 6.]

Entartete Musik: Eine Tondokumentation zur Düsseldorfer Ausstellung von 1938. I. Säuberungen; II. Missbrauch; III. “Deutsche Musik”; IV. Widerstand. Zusammengestellt und kommentiert von Albrecht Dümling. Includes excerpts from Die Dreigroschenoper and Der Silbersee in Volume I. CDP Berlin 57265023-57265053.

Kurt Weill: from Berlin to Broadway. Various artists. Pearl GEMM CDS 9189 (2 CD’s).

Kurt Weill: from Berlin to Broadway, volume II. Various artists. Pearl GEMM CDS 9294 (2 CD’s).

Kurt Weill: from Berlin to Broadway: A Selection. Single CD of selections from Pearl GEMM CDS 9189 and 9294. Pearl GEM 0108.

Hildegarde. Songs from the Shows. Includes complete 1941 recording of five songs from Lady in the Dark. Vocalion CDEA 6078.

Tryout, A Series of Private Rehearsal Recordings. Selections from One Touch of Venus and Where do We Go From Here? Ira Gershwin and Kurt Weill. DRG Records MRS 904.

Alan Jay Lerner Performs His Own Songs. With Kaye Ballard, et al. Includes seven songs from Love Life. DRG 5246.

Star-spangled rhythm: voices of Broadway and Hollywood. Includes “My ship” performed by Gertrude Lawrence (1941). Smithsonian/BMG RD111/DMC 4-1450.

Hoppla! Die Weill-Lenya Biographie. Audiobook/Hörbuch. Text by Jürgen Schebera. Read by Sophie Rois, Tom Pauls, Goetz Kronburger. Includes 27 musical selections from existing recordings. Bear Family BCD 16082 F6 (6 CD’s).

Mack the Knife: Songs of Kurt Weill. Various historical recordings, 1929-1956. Naxos Nostalgia 8.120831.

Forbidden but not Forgotten. Various artists. Intense Media (10 CD’s). [Includes songs from Die DreigroschenoperAufstieg und Fall der Stadt Mahagonny, and Der Silbersee.]

Weill/Brecht: Operas and Songs. Lotte Lenya, et al. Andromeda ANDRCD 9098 (2 CD’s). [Includes songs from Die Dreigroschenoper (stage and film versions), Happy EndAufstieg und Fall der Stadt MahagonnyDer Silbersee, and Lenya’s recordings from 1943-44.]

All-Weill Song Collections

American Songbook Series: Kurt Weill. Various performers. Sony/Smithsonian Collection of Recordings RD 048-17/A 23954. [Includes 20 of Weill’s songs in popular arrangements, mostly from his American works.]

Ana Belén y Miguel Ríos cantana Kurt Weill. Ana Belén, Miguel Ríos, vocals, Orquesta Ciudad de Granada, Josep Pons, cond. RCA 74321 692732.

Angela Denoke Sings Kurt Weill. Angela Denoke, soprano, with Tal Balshai and Norbert Nagel. Honigtee Music HTM 005.

Ben Bagley’s Kurt Weill Revisited. Paula Laurence, Ann Miller, John Reardon, Chita Rivera, Arthur Siegel, Jo Sullivan. Painted Smiles Records PSCD-108.

Ben Bagley’s Kurt Weill Revisited, vol. II. Ellen Burstyn, Nell Carter, Blossom Dearie, Tammy Grimes, Estelle Parsons, John Reardon, Arthur Siegel, Jo Sullivan. Painted Smiles Records PSCD-109.

Berlin and American Theater Songs. Lotte Lenya with ensembles conducted by Roger Bean and Maurice Levine. Columbia MG 30087, mono, cassette tape YT 35925, CD CBS Masterworks MK 42658.

Berlin im Licht: Kurt Weill Songbook. Ricardo Panela, baritone, and other vocalists; Nuna Vieira de Almeida, piano. Artway AWR 021 002.

Berlin-Paris-New York. Anirahtak with the Jürgen Sturm Band. Nabel 4655. (Includes nine Weill songs.)

Berlin Theatre Songs. With Lotte Lenya, Roger Bean, cond. Includes Die sieben Todsünden. Sony Masterworks Heritage MHK 63222.

Bremner Sings Weill. Bremner Duthie, vocals, Stan Cramer, piano. Private issue (distributed by CD Baby). [Includes fifteen Weill songs.]

Catherine Sauvage chante Kurt Weill. With various pianists and ensembles. “Collections rencontrés” series. Philips 548 400-2.

Charming Weill: Dance Band Arrangements. Max Raabe, vocals, with the Palast Orchester conducted by HK Gruber. RCA Red Seal 09026 63513 2. U.S. title: Life, Love, and Laughter. (Reissued 2008 as Sony BMG 88697279652.)

A Clear Midnight: Kurt Weill and America. Theo Bleckmann, vocals, with Julia Hülsmann Quartet. ECM ECM 2418.

Extraordinary Weill. Karin Schmidt, soprano, Antonio Ballista, piano. Kicco Classic KC00197.

The Fabulous Kurt Weill from America. Katyna Ranieri, vocals. Eleven songs with string quartet. Ricordi 74321795102.

Gisela May Sings Weill. Capriccio CD 10 180.

Groschenblues. Sven Ratzke and Claron McFadden, vocals; Charly Zastrau, music director. Buzz 76103.

Hooked on Weill. Lauren Carley, vocals, with ensemble. Private issue.

Ich bin. Weil(l) ich bin. Andrea Thelemann with the Kurzweil-Foundation, Thomas Mahn, cond. Unicornio UR 34010.

“Ich liebe dich nicht.” Anita Ammersfeld, vocals, with ensemble. Preiser Records 90531.

I’m a Stranger here Myself. Allison Farrow, vocals. Private issue.

Jam and Spice. Karen Kohler, soprano, Robert René Galván, cond., Lynda Oswalt, piano. Private issue.

The Joy of Weill. Joy Bogen, soprano, Dance Kurt Weill, Paul Katz, piano and music direction. Private issue.

Julie Wilson Sings the Kurt Weill Songbook. William Roy, piano. DRG Record CDSL 5207.

Just Mackie Messer. Various artists. Classic Hits 01616-2. [Eighteen previously recorded performances of “Mack the Knife.”]

Kabarett: Kurt Weill. Pamela Alexander, soprano, with Dale Wolford and Ivan Rosenblum. Laurel LR-855-CD.

Kamaleonic Weill. Teresa de la Torre, vocals, with ensemble. Ars Harmonica AH 065.

Kurt Weill. Diane Dufresne, vocals, with the Orchestre Métropolitain du Grand Montréal, Yannick Nézet-Séguin, cond. ATMA Classique ACD2 2324 [with Symphony no. 2].

Kurt Weill. Dee Dee Bridgewater, Agnieszka Fatyga, Anna Maria Jopek, Nighthawks, et al., vocals, Roman Kolakowski, artistic advisor. Recorded live in Wroclaw, 2000. Luna LUNCD 053-2.

Kurt Weill: A Musical Portrait. Stefanie Wüst, soprano; Albert Rundel, violin; Thomas Wise, piano. Edition Al Segno AS 2010 2.

Kurt Weill (1900-1950): A Portrait–from Berlin to New York. Torsten Mossberg, et al., vocals; Anders Karlqvist, piano; Lars-Olof Norées Trio. Sterling CDA 1820/1821-2.

Kurt Weill: American Songs. Caterina Valente, vocals, with the WDR Big Band, Jerry van Rooyen, cond. Bear Family Records BCD 16044 AH.

Kurt Weill from Berlin to Broadway. Songs arranged for brass quintet. Center City Brass Quintet. Chandos CHAN 9924.

Kurt Weill in America. Andrea Marcovicci, Anna Bergman, Barbara Brussell, Mark Coffin, Chuck Cooper, Jeff Harnar, Maude Maggart. Andreasong AND-07.

Kurt Weill: les inédits. Brigitte Ravenel, vocals, Dites-le-moi Tuba. Salycus 11.

Kurt Weill: Lontano da Berlino. Ivana Monti and Renato Dibì, vocals, with ensemble. Riverrecords CDR 5408.

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Other Song Collections

1. Bamberger Chansontage. Josef Hader, Gisela May, and Jocelyn Smith, vocals; live recording, December 1997. Private issue (P-Nr. K61064). [Includes five Weill songs.]

50 succès essentiels 1952-1962. Marcel Mouloudji, vocals. Marianne Mélodie 445434. [Includes “La complainte de Mackie.”]

120 Tage: The Art of Beauty and Violence. Mona Mur, vocals; En Esch, guitar and vocals. Pale Music PALE 032 CD. [Includes “Ballade vom ertrunkenen Mädchen,” “Surabaya Johnny,” and “Mandelay-Song.”]

1933 and All That. Anna Zapparoli, vocals, Mario Borciani, arranger. La Dual Band ZB 003. [Includes nine Weill songs.]

20th Century Blues. Marianne Faithfull, vocals, Paul Trueblood, piano. RCA Victor 74321 386562.

The Abel Meeropol Centennial Concert. Helene Williams, Gregory Mercer, Metropolitan Philharmonic Chorus, Leonard Lehrman, cond. Original Cast OC 6055. [Includes “Inventory.”]

Abgrundtief oben. Ute Loeck, vocals, Stephan König, piano. Metrix CD 93702. [Includes “Wie lange noch?”]

L’accordéoniste. Kimberly Barber, mezzo-soprano, with ensemble. Private issue. [Includes “Berlin im Licht-Song,” “Und was bekam des Soldaten Weib?”, “Matrosen-Tango,” and “Wie lange noch?”.]

Advent. Max Raabe, vocals, with the Palast-Orchester. Compilation of Christmas songs. RCA (Sony BMG) 82876 84913 2. [Includes “What Good Would the Moon Be?”]

The Alan Jay Lerner Album. Brent Barrett, vocals, Christopher Denny, cond. Fynsworth Alley 302 062 161 2. [Includes “Green-up Time” and “Economics.”]

Albert Préjean. Songs from films, in French. Music Memoria 7881512. [Includes “Ballade de la vie agréable.”]

America. Daniel Hope, violin and cond.; Zürcher Kammerorchester. Deutsche Grammophon 486 1940. [Includes “September Song,” “My Ship,” “Speak Low,” and “Mack the Knife” arranged by Paul Bateman.]

American Musical Theater: Shows, Songs, and Stars. Volume II. Walter Huston (“September Song”); Danny Kaye (“Tschaikowsky”); Gertrude Lawrence (“Jenny”); Martin, Mary, (“Speak Low”). Volume III. Brian Sullivan (“Lonely House”). The Smithsonian Collection of Recordings. CBS RD 036.

American Soul from Broadway to Paris. Duo Rosa. Hänssler Classics HC 19026. [Includes “Je ne t’aime pas” and “Buddy on the Nightshift.”]

Anchor. Norma Waterson and Eliza Carthy with the Gift Band. Topic Records TSCD594. [Includes “Lost in the Stars.”]

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La belle de nuit. Femke Wesly, mezzo-soprano; René Nillessen, piano. Private issue. [Includes “Buddy on the Nightshift,” “Nannas Lied,” “Der Abschiedsbrief,” “Le grand Lustucru,” “Je ne t’aime pas.”]

Ben Bagley’s Alan Jay Lerner Revisited. Blossom Dearie, Dorothy Loudon, Roddy McDowall, Jerry Orbach, Nancy Walker. Painted Smiles Records PSCD-141. [Includes six songs from Love Life.] Reissued 2018 on Kritzerland KR 20034-1.

Ben Bagley’s Ira Gershwin Revisited. Charles Rydell, Margaret Whiting and others. Painted Smiles Records PSCD 135. [Includes “A Rhyme for Angela” and “If Love Remains.”]

Bentley on Brecht. Eric Bentley, vocals and harmonium. Folkways (Smithsonian) Records FH 5434. [Includes “Mack the Knife” (closing stanzas from fim version) and “Ballad of sexual submissiveness.”]

Berlin, mon amour. Adrienne Haan, vocals, Heinz Walter Florin, piano, et al. Berlinica. [Includes “Nannas Lied” and “Seeräuberjenny,” sung in English.]

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Besame mucho. Noëmi Waysfeld, vocals, with Ensemble Contraste. Aparté AP159. [Includes “Youkali.”]

Best of Andy Williams. Curb D2-77439. [Includes “Bilbao Song.”]

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The Best of Julie Andrews. Various ensembles. Rhino R2 72281/A26680. [Includes “This Is New.”]

The Best of Ute Lemper. Decca 458 931-2. [Includes seven Kurt Weill songs.]

Best of Vic Damone. Curb D2-77476. [Includes “Lost in the Stars.”]

Betty Buckley’s Broadway. Sterling S1018-2. [Includes “Pirate Jenny.”]

Big as a Berry. Megan Mullally, vocals and Supreme Music Program. Fynsworth Alley 302 062 144 2. [Includes “Barbara Song.”]

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Both Sides, Now. Håkan Hardenberger, trumpet; Academy of St. Martin in the Fields, Kenneth Sillito, conductor. BIS BIS-SACD-1814. [Includes “Speak Low.”]

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Brecht Songs. Brass Attack with Celina Muza and Tanja Ries. Tutu CD 888 190. [Includes eleven Weill songs.]

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The Broadway Musicals of 1943. Various performers; evening conceived and created by Scott Siegel. Part of “Broadway by the Year” series. Bayview RNBW015. [Includes six songs from One Touch of Venus.]

The Broadway Musicals of 1945. Various performers; evening conceived and created by Scott Siegel. Part of “Broadway by the Year” series. Bayview RNBW039. [Includes “A Rhyme for Angela” and “Sing Me Not a Ballad.”]

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Broadway to Hollywood–and Back. Mary Martin; various ensembles and conductors. Jasmine JASCD 135. [Includes “Foolish Heart,” “Speak Low,” and “That’s Him.”] (2 CD’s)

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Broadway Unplugged 2. Various performers; conceived and created by Scott Siegel. Bayview RNBW037. [Includes “Lonely House.”]

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Cabaret Songs. Robyn Archer, London Sinfonietta, Dominic Muldowney, cond. and piano. HMV Classics HMV 5 73042 2. Also released as Robyn Archer Sings Brecht. EMI CDC 7 47576 2. (Reissued 2009 in part on EMI Classics 50999 6 97185 2 6.)

Canciones de Cabaret. Graciela Oddone, Susanna Moncaya, Marcelo Lambardero, vocals, Diana Schneider, piano. Radio Clásica CDC 0023. [Includes eleven Weill songs.]

Canto. Maria Villa, vocals, Pedro Marine, piano. RNE M3/07. [Includes “Wie lange noch?”]

A Celebration of Life. Bea Arthur, Dixie Carter, Elaine Stritch, vocals. Whitman-Walker Clinic 11th Annual Spring Gala, produced by DRG Records. [Includes Bea Arthur singing “Pirate Jenny.”]

Center Stage. Helen Reddy, vocals, orchestra conducted by Ron Abel. Varèse Sarabande VSD-5962. [Includes “A Boy Like You” and “Speak Low.”]

Chairman of the Board. Frank Sinatra tribute album. Various artists. Grass Records GROW1212-2. [Includes “Mack the Knife” performed by Severin.]

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Dawn Upshaw. Dawn Upshaw, soprano; Margo Garrett, piano. Musicmasters MMD 20128T. Reissued 1992 as Musical Heritage 513010W; reissued 2009 as Wolf, Strauss, Rachmaninoff, Ives, Weill on Nimbus NI 2521. [Includes “Berlin im Licht” and “Je ne t’aime pas.”]

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Diva by Diva. Judy Kaye, soprano. Varese Sarabande VSD-5589. [Includes “Mr. Right.”]

Don’t Be Afraid. The Eastside Sinfonietta featuring Weba Garretson. A True Classical CD TCCD-015. [Includes songs from Die Dreigroschenoper and Happy End.]

Dreamer: A Portrait of Langston Hughes. Darryl Taylor, tenor, William Warfield, narrator. Naxos American Classics 8.559136. [Includes “Lonely House.”]

Dress Casual. Mandy Patinkin, vocals. CBS MK 45998. [Includes “Tschaikowsky.”]

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Encore. Viveza. Skylark Records 9101 CD. [Includes three selections from Die Dreigroschenoper.]

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Fallen Women and Virtuous Wives. Felicity Lott, soprano, Graham Johnson, piano. Wigmore Hall Live WHLive0004. [Includes “Nannas Lied” and “Und was bekam des Soldaten Weib?”]

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From Berlin to Broadway. Mena Levit, vocals. Private issue. [Includes eight Weill songs.]

From this Moment on. Maria Ewing, soprano, with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra; Richard Rodney Bennett, piano; Neil Richardson, conductor. IMP Masters MCD 18. [Includes “It Never Was You.”]

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George London on Broadway. George London, baritone, The Roland Shaw Orchestra. Decca 480 8163. [Includes “September Song.”]

German Songs from the Twenties and Thirties. Andrea Fultz, vocals; Rob Reich, arrangements, et al. Private issue, distributed by CD Baby. [includes seven Weill songs.]

Gershwin for My Soul. Elijah Rock, vocals, John B. Williams, bass, Greg Paul, drums. Private issue. [Includes “Tschaikowsky.”]

Ghetto Tango: Wartime Yiddish Theater. Adrienne Cooper, vocals; Zalmen Mlotek, piano. Traditional Crossroads CD 4297. [includes “Und was bekam des Soldaten Weib?”.]

Good-bye Peter Lorre. Kate Westbrook, vocals, Mike Westbrook and John Alley, piano. Femme Music FECD 9.01060. [Includes “Sailor’s Tango” and “Surabaya-Johnny.”]

Gold and Silver: Celebrating Twenty-Five Years of the Ohio Light Opera. Operetta Archives OA 1005. [Includes “Lonely House” from Street Scene (1990) and “Life, Love, and Laughter” from Firebrand of Florence (1999).]

Golden Age. Max Raabe and the Palast Orchester. Decca B0020048-02. [Includes previously released versions of “Alabama-Song” and “Youkali.”]

The Golden Violin. Daniel Röhn, violin; Württembergisches Kammerorchester Heilbronn, Case Scaglione, cond. Berlin Classics 0301190BC. [Includes “Mack the Knife” and “What Good Would the Moon Be?”]

Gordon MacRae: The Broadway Album. Gordon MacRae, vocals, with orchestra. Pair Records PCD-2-1348. [Includes “Lost in the Stars.”]

Grausame Töchter. Aranea Peel, vocals; Hans-Jürgen Osmers, cond. and arr. Scanner SCAN 158. [Includes “Seeräuberjenny,” Marterl,” “Ballade vom ertrunkenen Mädchen,” “Das Lied von den braunen Inseln,” and “Ballade von der sexuellen Hörigkeit.”]

Great Classic Film Music. Volume II. Philharmonic Promenade Orchestra; Iain Sutherland, cond. SOMM Ariadne 5009. [Includes “September Song” arr. by Sutherland.]

Great Solo Performances by Guest Artists from the Tom Jones Show, vol. 2. Classic World Productions CWP 9911. [Includes “Lost in the Stars” performed by Hal Linden.]

Greta Keller und ihr Chanson. Greta Keller, vocals. Preiser Records 93157. [Includes “September Song,” “Bilbao Song” and “My Ship.”]

Green up Time. Ellen Zachos, vocals. Plantiques SSC1127. [Includes “Green-up Time.”]

Habaneras, Milongas, Tangos. Polly Ferman, piano. Roméo Records 7202. [Includes “Youkali” arranged for piano solo.]

Here I Am. Junji Delfino, vocals, David Gomes, piano, et al. Catalyst Records. [Includes “Lost in the Stars.”]

Here I’ll Stay: The Words of Alan Jay Lerner. Julie Andrews, vocals, London Musicians Orchestra, Ian Fraser, cond. Philips 446 219-2. [Includes “Here I’ll Stay.”]

Here’s to the Ladies. Christine Andreas, vocals, with orchestra. PS Classics PS-208. [Includes “My Ship.”]

Heute Nacht oder nie: Das Carnegie Hall Konzert. Max Raabe and the Palast Orchester. SPV Recordings PSV 78952 2CD. [Includes “Song of Mandelay,” “Moon of Alabama,” “Tango-Ballade.”]

Hildegard Knef. Polyphon 816 879-2 (Idole series). [Includes “September Song” in German.]

Hope @ Home. Daniel Hope, violin, et al. Deutsche Grammophon 483 9482. [Includes “Youkali” and “Lost in the Stars” arranged for violin and piano.]

Hoppla, wir leben. Ernst Busch, vocals. Barbarossa EdBo 01405-2 (“Aurora Busch” series, no. 5). [Includes “Zu Potsdam unter den Eichen.”]

The Human Heart. Stage2. Dink Records DINK 1997. [Includes “I’m a Stranger here Myself.”]

I Gotta Right to Sing the Blues (alternate title: The Eileen Farrell Album). Eileen Farrell, soprano, with Luther Henderson and his Orchestra. Sony Masterworks MDK 47255. [Includes “September Song.”]

I Hate Music–But I Like to Sing. Salome Kammer, vocals; Rudi Spring, piano. Capriccio 67 195. [Includes “Klops-Lied,” “Berlin im Licht,” “Der Abschiedsbrief,” “Complainte de la Seine,” “Je ne t’aime pas,” and “Youkali.”]

I Will Wait for You. Lesley Garrett, soprano, with various ensembles. BBC Music 75605 51354 2. [Includes “September Song.”]

I Wish It So. Dawn Upshaw [sings songs by] Bernstein, Blitzstein, Sondheim, Weill; Eric Stern, conductor. Nonesuch 9 79345-2. [Includes “That’s Him,” “The Saga of Jenny,” “Stay Well,” and “My Ship.”]

Ian Wallace: My Music. Pickwick PWK 089. [Includes “September Song.”]

If Ever I Would Leave You. Bryn Terfel, vocals, English Northern Philharmonia, Paul Daniel, cond. Deutsche Grammophon 457 628-2. [Includes “Here I’ll Stay” and “This Is the Life.”]

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Illusion. No-ce, vocals, with ensemble. Solo Musica SM 227. [Includes “Der Abschiedsbrief,” “Je ne t’aime pas,” “Speak low,” and “Complainte de la Seine.”]

I’ll be seeing you: Love Songs of World War II. Andrea Marcovicci, vocals. Cabaret CACD 6001-2. [Includes “Speak Low.”]

I’ll See You in My Dreams: Live 2009. Esther Ofarim, vocals. Tropical Music 68 869. [Includes “Here I’ll Stay,” “Surabaya-Johnny,” and “Alabama Song.”]

I’m a Stranger Here Myself. Salome Kammer, vocals; Rudi Spring, piano. Capriccio C5154. [Includes thirteen Weill songs.]

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In the Dark of the Night. Greta, vocals, with keyboards, guitar, and bass. CDG Records PCDA-2233. [Includes “Complainte de la Seine.”]

In the Words of Ira: The Songs of Ira Gershwin. Kevin Cole, vocals and piano. Musicole Recordings. [Includes “This Is New.”]

In Your Dreams. Christine Ebersole, vocals, Billy Stritch, piano. Ghostlight Records 4401-2. [Includes “My Ship.”]

The Incomparable Hildegarde. Hildegarde with various ensembles. Simitar 56292. [Includes “September Song.”]

Independence Eve at Grant Park. Elizabeth Norman, soprano, with Grant Park Symphony and Chorus. Grant Park Music Festival. [Includes “I’m a Stranger Here Myself.”]

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Interclarinet 2. Interclarinet (clarinet quintet). Farao B 108 018. [Includes selections from Die Dreigroschenoper.]

The Ira Gershwin Album. Christiane Noll, vocals, with Lanny Meyers, et al. Fynsworth Alley 302 062 112 2. [Includes “Tschaikowsky,” “Saga of Jenny,” and “My Ship.”]

It Never Was You. Javier Botella, vocals; Albert Sanz, piano. Actúa (private issue). [Includes “It Never Was You,” “My Ship,” and “Lost in the Stars.”]

Jacques Higelin et Catherine Sauvage chantent Boris Vian. Disques Jacques Canetti 103172. [Sauvage sings six songs by Weill.]

Jane Morgan Sings Showstoppers. Sepia 1119. [Includes “Speak Low.”]

Jill Gomez in Cabaret Classics. Jill Gomez, vocals, John Constable, piano. Unicorn-Kanchana DKP 9055. [Includes four songs from Marie Galante, “My Ship,” “Lonely House,” and “It Never Was You.”]

“Joe, mach die Musik von damals nach . . . “. Eva-Maria Hagen, vocals; Siegfried Gerlich, arrangements. [Includes ten songs by Weill and Brecht.]

Jonny. Asya Fateyeva, saxophone, with string quartet and piano; arrangements by Dirk Beisse. Berlin Classics 0301312BC. [Includes “Moritat von Mackie Messer,” “Ballade vom angenehmen Leben,” “Zuhälterballade,” and “Kanonen-Song.”]

Just Between Friends: Bea Arthur on Broadway. With Billy Goldenberg, piano. DRG 12993. [Includes “Pirate Jenny” and “It Never Was You.”]

Just Imagine. Karen Akers, vocals. DRG 5231. [Includes “My Ship.”]

. . . just songs! Die Singphoniker. Oehms Classics OC 801. [Includes “Wouldn’t You Like to Be on Broadway?” and “September Song.”]

Kabarett. Jean Stilwell, mezzo-soprano, Robert Kortgaard, piano. CBC Records MVCD 1162. [Includes “Lost in the Stars” and “The Saga of Jenny.”]

Killer Instincts. Sarah Maria Sun, vocals; The Gurks. Mode Records 321. [Includes “Was zahlen Sie für einen Rat?” (Lottery Agent’s Tango).]

Kinski singt und spricht Brecht. Klaus Kinski, vocals, Ingo Insterburg, guitar. Werke der Weltliteratur series. Deutsche Grammophon 06024 9800391 (6). [Includes “Und was bekam des Soldaten Weib?” and “Barbara-Song.”]

Kiri! Her Greatest Hits Live. Kiri Te Kanawa with the London Symphony Chorus and Orchestra, Stephen Barlow, cond. London 443 600-2. [Includes “It Never Was You.”]

Kiri Sidetracks. Kiri Te Kanawa, soprano, Andre Previn, piano. Philips 434 092-2. [Includes “It Never Was You.”]

Klampfenlieder bei Brecht. Gina Pietsch, vocals, Dietmar Ungerank , guitar. Kreuzberg Records kr10018. [Includes “Bilbao-Song,” “Surabaya-Johnny,” “Lied von der harten Nuss,” “Seeräuberjenny,” “Moritat von Mackie Messer,” and and “Ballade von der sexuellen Hörigkeit.”]

Klang!. Atem Duo (Susanna Avanzini, mezzo-soprano; Sonia Briant, piano). MV Cremona MVC 002-006. [Includes “Salomon-Song,” “Surabaya-Johnny,” “Es regnet,” and “Der Abschiedsbrief.”]

Kurt Masur at the New York Philharmonic. Vol. 10. New York Philharmonic Special Editions NYP 0109. [Includes “September Song” sung by Angelina Réaux.]

Kurt Weill, George Gershwin, Cole Porter. Heidelore Kunz and Nathan Firby, vocals; Markus Wirz, piano. Private issue. [Includes “My Ship,” “Youkali,” “Nannas Lied,” “Wie lange noch?,” and “Speak Low.”]

Lachen und Weinen. Katja Stuber, soprano; Boris Kusnezow, piano. Conditura conrec005. [Includes “Complainte de la Seine,” “J’attends un navire,” “Je ne t’aime pas,” and “Youkali.”]

A Lady Must Live. Daryl Sherman, vocals, with various ensembles. After 9 Records TWCD-2019. [Includes “One Life to Live” and “Speak Low.”]

Laßt euch nicht verführen! Katja Ebstein singt und spricht Bertolt Brecht. Friederike Huck, piano, et al. Deutsche Grammophon 459 814-2. [Includes “Bilbao-Song,” “Lied von der Unzulänglichkeit menschlichen Strebens,” “Lied von der harten Nuss,” “Surabaya-Johnny,” “Seeräuberjenny.”]

Lebenszeichen. Gabriele Kentrup, vocals, Julia Vogelsänger, piano. Private issue. [Includes “Youkali,” “Seeräuberjenny,” and “Denn wie man sich bettet, so liegt man.”]

Lenya!. Kate Sullivan, vocals, with ensemble. Recording of songs from stage show. Grano Salis Music GS004 [Includes about 20 Weill songs.]

Lerner, Loewe, Lane and Friends. Various performers. Varèse Sarabande VSD2-5917. [Includes “Economics” and “Here I’ll Stay.”]

Lest We Forget. Merlyn Quaife, vocals, Andrea Katz, piano. Tall Poppies TP185. [Includes “Und was bekam des Soldaten Weib?”]

Let No One Deceive You: Songs of Bertolt Brecht. Frankie Armstrong and Dave Van Ronk, vocals, with Leon Rosselson, guitar and piano, and others. Flying Fish Records FF 70557.

Let Yourself Go. Kristin Chenoweth, vocals, Coffee Club Orchestra, Rob Fisher, cond. Sony Classical SK 89384. [Includes “I’m a Stranger Here Myself.”]

Leur chansons courent encore sur nos lèvres. Emmbo, vocals and arrangements. Private issue. [Includes “Alabama-Song.”]

Lieder eines armen Mädchens. Nina Proll, vocals; Trio de Salon. Gramola 99006. [Includes “Fennimores Lied,” “Youkali,” “Alabama-Song,” “Zuhälterballade,” “Was zahlen Sie für einen Rat?,” “Nannas Lied,” “Surabaya-Johnny,” and “The Saga of Jenny.”]

Lifeline Extended. Holly Near and Ronnie Gilbert, vocals, Jeff Langley, piano. Recorded live in 1983. Appleseed APR CD 1066. [Includes “Kanonen-Song.”]

Live at Joe’s Pub. Kim David Smith, vocals; Tracy Stark, piano. Private issue. [Includes “Pirate Jenny” and “Barbara-Song.”]

Live at the Algonquin. Michael Feinstein, vocals. Elektra 9 60743-2. [Includes “My Ship.”]

Live at the Columbarium. Tango No. 9. Spillhouse 0546. [Includes “Zuhälterballade.”]

Live in Japan. The Swingle Singers. Primarily A Cappella Records PAC4460. [Includes “September Song,” “Alabama Song,” and “Mack the Knife.”]

Live in San Francisco. Weslia Whitfield, vocals. Landmark Records LCD-1531-2. [Includes “Here I’ll Stay” and “Lost in the Stars.”]

Liza Live from Radio City Music Hall. Liza Minnelli, vocals. Columbia CK 53169. [Includes “Here I’ll Stay.”]

Liza Minnelli at Carnegie Hall. [Includes “Here I’ll Stay.”] Telarc CD-85502 (2 CD).

Lock My Heart. Heather Masse, vocals, Dick Hyman, piano. Red House Records RHR CD 258. [Includes “September Song” and “Lost in the Stars.”]

The London Concert. Betty Buckley, vocals. Sterling S1010-2. [Includes “Pirate Jenny” and “Surabaya Johnny.”]

Lonely House. Jutta Czurda, vocals; Richie Beirach, piano, et al. Laika 3510209.2. [Includes ten Weill songs.]

The Lorelei. Kim Criswell, vocals. Angel CDC 7 54802 2. (Reissued 2000 on EMI Red Line 7243 5 73764 2 6.) [Includes “The Saga of Jenny.”]

Lost in Boston II. Judy Kaye, Buddy Crutchfield & others. Varese Sarabande VSD-5485. [Includes “Italy in Technicolor,” cut from Street Scene.]

Lost in Temptation. Alliage Quintett. Sony 19075818372. [Includes five songs from Die Dreigroschenoper arranged by Stefan Malzew.]

Lost in the Stars. Chanticleer with Ettore Stratta conducting the London Studio Orchestra. Teldec 0630-13132-2. [Includes “Lost in the Stars.”]

Lost in the Stars. Friederike Meinel, vocals, with orchestra. Sunbow 18148. [Includes nine Weill songs.]

Lost in the Stars. Annaleigh Ashford, vocals, with Will Van Dyke and the Whiskey 5. Recorded live at 54 Below. Broadway Records CD 54B-019. [Includes “Lost in the Stars.”]

Lost in the Stars. Deborah Shulman, vocals, with Larry Zalkind, et al. Summit DCD 588. [Includes “Mack the Knife,” “September Song,” “My Ship,” and “Lost in the Stars.”]

Lost in the Stars and Stripes. Sona MacDonald, Alan Marks, Udo Samel. Anakreon Verlag ANA 1001. [Includes “How Can You Tell an American,” “Buddy on the Nightshift,” “Schickelgruber,” and “Wie lange noch?”]

A Lot of Livin’ to Do. Ingrid Saxon, vocals, Paul Trueblood, piano. Private issue. [Includes “One Touch of Venus.”]

Lotte Lenya Sings Kurt Weill: American Theatre Songs. Also included: songs from The Threepenny OperaBrecht on Brecht, and Cabaret. Sony Masterworks Heritage MHK 60647.

Luces y sombras. Eleonora Noga Alberti, soprano; Gustavo Tauschek, piano. Piscitelli P 005. [Includes eight Weill songs.]

Lucky to Be Me. Jessye Norman, soprano, John Williams, piano. Philips 422 401-2. [Includes “My Ship,” “September Song,” and “Speak Low.”]

Lush Life. Jacintha, vocals; Bill Cunliffe, piano. Groove Note GRV1011-3. [Includes “September Song.”]

Lyrics by Ira Gershwin: The 1952 Walden Sessions. Louise Carlyle, David Craig, and Nancy Walker, vocals, David Baker, arranger. Harbinger Records HCD 2502. [Includes “The Saga of Jenny” and “Sing Me Not a Ballad.”]

Lys Gauty: 1927-1936. Chansophone 106. [Includes “Je ne t’aime pas” and “J’attends un navire.”]

Machan. Machan, vocals, with various ensembles. A440 Music Group 4033. [Includes “Speak Low.”]

Madera Vox. David Gluck, et al. Skinny Tie Records 001. [Includes “Youkali,” “I’m a Stranger here Myself,” “My Ship,”and “The River Is so Blue.”]

MagnifiCathy. Cathy Berberian, vocals. Wergo WER 60054-50. [Includes “Surabaya-Johnny.”]

Maria Schneider & SWR Big Band. Jazz Haus JAH-469. [Includes instrumental versions of “Mack the Knife,” “Trouble Man,” “Speak Low,” “Alabama-Song,” and “It Never Was You.”]

Mary Martin on Air 1939-1950. Various radio recordings. Stage Door Records STAGE 9089. [Includes “Saga of Jenny.”]

Massiel canta Bertolt Brecht. Massiel, vocals; Agustín Serrano, conductor. Rama Lama Music RM 53182. [Includes “Seeräuberjenny,” “Barbara-Song,” “Surabaya-Johnny,” “Ballade vom ertrunkenen Mädchen,” and “Ballade vom angenehmen Leben,” all sung in Spanish.]

Maude Maggart Live. Maude Maggart, vocals. Private issue. [Includes “The River Is Blue.”]

Max Raabe and Palast-Orchester Unplugged. Deutsche Grammophon 028948373137. [Includes “Moritat von Mackie Messer” and “Alabama-Song.”]

Melina Merkouri. Melina Merkouri, vocals. Lyra ML 0031. [Includes “Mack the Knife” and “Barbara-Song” sung in Greek.]

Mercy and Grand. Jess Walker, vocals; James Holmes, keyboards and arrangements. GB Records BCGBCD18. [Includes “Ballad of Sexual Dependency” and “What keeps Mankind Alive.”]

Met Stars on Broadway. Risë Stevens, Ezio Pinza and others. Metropolitan Opera Guild MET 204CD. [Includes “My Ship” and “September Song.”]

Midnight Caravan. Linda Purl, vocals, Tedd Firth, piano, et al. LML Music LML CD-274. [Includes “My Ship.”]

Milly Special. Milly, vocals, with various ensembles. Hardy HCA7002. [Includes eight Weill/Brecht songs.]

Milva canta Brecht. Milva, vocals, Walter Baracchi, piano, Giorgio Strehler, director. BMG/Sony 88697748402. [Includes six Weill/Brecht songs.]

Monsieur Brecht. Anna Prucnal, vocals, Michel Tardieu, piano. EPM 985 592. [Includes ten Weill songs.]

Les moulins de mon coeur. Maurice André, trumpet; Michel Legrand, conductor and arranger. EMI Classics 7243 5 56566 2 9. [Includes “Mack the Knife.”]

Mozart to Weill. Annette Celine, soprano, Felicia Blumenthal, piano. Claudio CB4837-2. [Includes six Weill songs.]

Mr. Spock’s Music from Outer Space. Leonard Nimoy, vocals. Varèse Sarabande VSD-5613. [Includes “Lost in the Stars.”]

Music Box. Hudson Shad. Private issue. [Includes “Mack the Knife,” “Economics,” “Susan’s Dream,” “It Never Was You,” “Speak Low,” “September Song.”]

Music from the Films. Mantovani with Rawicz and Landauer. Vocalion CDLK 4255. [Includes “September Song.”]

Music of the Kennedy White House. Museum Music MM113. [Includes previous releases of “Mack the Knife” performed by Ella Fitzgerald and “September Song” performed by Walter Huston.]

The Music of Smash. Songs from the NBC television series. Columbia 88691 99265 2. [Includes “September Song” performed by Anjelica Huston.]

Musicality. Julie Andrews with various ensembles. Stage Door Records STAGE 9012. [Includes “My Ship.”]

Musicals. Lambert Wilson, vocals. EMI CDC 7 49792 2. [Includes “Love Song.”]

My Loving Days. Julie Biggs, vocals; Julian Kwok, piano. Private issue PBM 515. [Includes “My Ship” and “What Good Would the Moon Be?.”]

My Song Goes on. Gladys Swarthout, vocals, with orchestra. Flare SPEC 1027. [Includes “September Song.”]

Mystic Dance. Amira Kheir, vocals. Sterns Music STCD 1129. [Includes “Speak Low.”]

Na also! Goodbye. Georgette Dee, vocals, Terry Truck, piano. Viellieb Records 016. [Includes twelve Weill songs.]

Na zywo. Katarzyna Groniec, vocals. Luna LUNCD169. [Includes “Alabama-Song” and “Youkali.”]

Naked Beauty. Patricia O’Callaghan, vocals, with various ensembles. Marquis 7 74718 13152 2. [Includes “Lost in the Stars.”]

Neuland. Flautando Köln (recorder quartet with rhythm section). Ars Musici 233484. [Includes “Seeräuberjenny,” “Youkali,” and “Surabaya Johnny.”]

New York Cabaret Music. Various performers; part of the “Erteguns’ New York” series. Atlantic 7 81817-2. [Includes Greta Keller’s performance of “This Is New,” “Excerpts from The Threepenny Opera,” and “My Ship.”]

A Night in the Life. Eden Atwood, vocals, with Jeremy Kahn, piano, et al. Concord Jazz CCD-4730. [Includes “Lost in the Stars.”]

Nina. Xiu Xiu (Jamie Stewart, vocals). Graveface Records GRAVE103. Nina Simone tribute album. [Includes “Pirate Jenny.”]

Noctambule. Meret Becker, vocals, with Alexander Hacke, et al. Our Choice/Rough Trade Records RTD 197.3336.2. [Includes “Ballade vom ertrunkenen Mädchen” and “Nannas Lied.”]

Nuit américaine. Lambert Wilson, vocals, with ensemble. Chant du Monde 274 1390. [Includes “This is the Life.”]

Off Broadway. Jerry Orbach, vocals, with orchestra conducted by Norman Paris. Decca Broadway 012 159 254-2. [Includes “Mack the Knife.”]

Ol’ Man River: Broadway’s Greatest Hits. Simon Estes, vocals. Philips 426 058-2. [Includes “Lost in the Stars,” “Thousands of Miles,” and “September Song.”]

Old American Songs. Taryn Fiebig and Juan Jackson, vocals; Andrew Greene, piano. ABC Classics 476 6169. [Includes “The Lonesome Dove” and “Hop up, My Ladies.”]

On Broadway: The Greatest Show Tunes. Various bands and orchestras. London 820 041-2. [Includes “Mack the Knife” performed by Ted Heath and His Music.]

On Wings of Song: Recital no. 4. Isabel Bayrakdarian, soprano; Carrie-Ann Matheson, piano. Marilyn Horne Foundation DCD 5028-4. [Includes “Le roi d’Aquitaine,” “Youkali,” “Complainte de la Seine,” and “J’attends un navire.”]

OperettAmorale. Performed by Pierce and Massimo, along with Fabrizio Palumbo and Lydia Lunch. Divine Frequency Records DivF 01. [Includes six Weill songs; Lydia Lunch sings “Ballad of Sexual Dependency.”]

Opernsänger einmal anders. Ezio Pinza, et al. Lebendige Vergangenheit (Austro Mechana Historica Recordings) MONO 89945. [Includes “September Song.”]

Orgelmusik aus Dessau. Stefan Nusser, organ. Ambiente ACD-1075. [Includes three selections from The Eternal Road: “Gott schuf im Anfang,” “Davids Psalm,” “March to Zion.”]

Original cast: the Forties, pt. one. Danny Kaye (“Tschaikowsky,”); Gertrude Lawrence (“The Saga of Jenny” and “My Ship”); Mary Martin (“I’m a Stranger here Myself,” “Speak Low” and “That’s Him”); Lotte Lenya (“Sing Me not a Ballad”). Metropolitan Opera Guild MET 803CD.

Original cast: the Forties, pt. two. Brian Sullivan (“Ain’t It Awful, the Heat” and “Lonely House”); Todd Duncan (“Lost in the Stars”); Inez Matthews (“Stay Well”); Roane, Frank, (“Cry, the Beloved Country”). Metropolitan Opera Guild MET 804CD.

Original cast: the Thirties. Metropolitan Opera Guild MET 802CD. [Includes Walter Huston singing “September Song.”]

The Oscillating Revenge of the Background Instruments. ORBI. Bis BIS-2297. [Includes “Alabama-Song.”]

Over The Piano. Tora Augestad, vocals, Ivar Anton Waagaard, piano. Grappa Records GRCD 4323. [Includes “Saga of Jenny.”]

Over There: Songs of War and Peace, c. 1900-1920. Michael Feinstein, vocals, Armen Guzelimian, piano. In English. EMI Angel CDC 7 49768 2 (CD). [Includes “Reiterlied,” “Im Volkston,” and “Das schöne Kind.”]

Paris Days Berlin Nights. Ute Lemper, vocals; Stefan Malzew, arranger; Vogler String Quartet. Steinway & Sons 30009. [Includes “Surabaya-Johnny” and “Moritat von Mackie Messer.”]

Paris in the Jazz Age. Claudia Hommel, vocals, Patrick Holland, piano. Maison Clobert MC1950-4. [Includes “Je ne t’aime pas.”]

Patti LuPone: Live. RCA Victor 09026-61797-2. [Includes five Weill songs.]

Pianist Extraordinary; Piano Arrangements of Famous Spirituals. Don Shirley, piano. Collectables COL CD 2759. [Includes “My Ship” and “Mack the Knife.”]

The Piano & Humor of the Great Victor Borge. 3 CD’s. Sony Music Special Products 15312. [Includes “Kurt Weill Medley.”]

The Pleasure of His Company. Maureen McGovern, vocals, Mike Renzi, piano. Sterling S1017-2. [Includes “My Ship.”]

Presenting Karen Akers. Karen Akers, vocals. Rizzoli 1001. [Includes “Trouble Man.”]

Prima Donna. Lesley Garrett, soprano, with the Philharmonic Orchestra, Ivor Bolton, cond. Silva America SSD 1023. [Includes “What Good Would the Moon Be?”]

Un pueblo y sus canciones. Eleonora Noga Alberti, soprano, Alfredo Corral, piano. Piscitelli P-010. [Includes “Und was bekam des Soldaten Weib,” “Je ne t’aime pas,” “Was die Herren Matrosen sagen.”]

Punishing Kiss. Ute Lemper, vocals. Decca 289 466 473-2. [Includes “Tango-Ballade.”]

A Queen of Hearts. Rosemary Standley, vocals; Sylvain Griotto, piano. Jazz Village HV570127.28. Accompanied by DVD. [Includes “Je ne t’aime pas” and “Pirate Jenny.”]

Real Emotional Girl. Patricia O’Callaghan, soprano, with band. Teldec 8573-81390-2. [Includes three Weill songs.]

Remember Me & Other Intimate Songs. Greta Keller, vocals; various ensembles and conductors. Sepia 1063. [Includes “I’m a Stranger Here Myself,” “My Ship,” “One Touch of Venus,” “Green-up Time,” and “This Is New.”]

Rewind. Elizabeth Shepherd, vocals and keyboards. Pinwheel Music 270155. [Includes “Lonely House.”]

Right as the Rain. Helen Schneider, vocals. Tomato R2 72244. [Includes “My Ship.”]

Rise. Jess Gillam, saxophone; BBC Concert Orchestra, Richard Balcombe and Jessica Cottis, cond. Decca 483 4862. [Includes “Je ne t’aime pas.”]

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The Roaring Twenties. Cora Burggraaf, mezzo-soprano with the Calefax Reed Quintet. Challenge Classics CC72657. [Includes “Youkali,” “Surabaya-Johnny,” and selections from Die Dreigroschenoper arranged for wind quintet.]

Rocking Horse Road. Jacqui Dankworth, vocals; Brodsky Quartet. Chandos CHAN 20219. [Includes “Speak Low.”]

Romance and the Stage. Elaine Paige, vocals. RCA/BMG 74321 13615 2. [Includes “September Song.”]

Roots: My Life, My Song. Jessye Norman, soprano, with ensemble, recorded live. Sony 88697 64263 2. [Includes “Mack the Knife.”]

Der rote Orpheus. Ernst Busch, vocals. Edition Barabrossa EdBa 01328-2. [Includes “Das Lied vom Schlaraffenland” and “Der Bäcker backt ums Morgenrot.”]

Round Up the Unusual Suspects. Various performers (sampler disc, summer 1994). Roundup Records RUP-1. [Includes “Mack the Knife” performed by Mario Bauza and his Afro-Cuban Orchestra.]

Roundabout. Ensembles and soloists of the Koninklijk Conservatorium Gent. Editions Hogeschool Gent. [Includes nine numbers from Die Dreigroschenoper arranged by Gyuri Spies.]

Salomix-Max. Salome Kammer, vocals, Rudi Spring, piano and arrangements. Wergo WER 6709 2. [Includes “Was die Herren Matrosen sagen,” “Ich bin eine arme Verwandte,” and “Surabaya-Johnny.”]

Saloon. Dorothy Loudon, vocals, Buddy Barnes, piano, et al. DRG 91404. [Includes “It Never Was You.”]

A Salute to American Music. Various performers & members of the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra, James Conlon, cond. RCA Victor 09026-61509-2. [Includes “Ice Cream Sextet” and “September Song.”]

Scene One and We Speak the Same Language. James Shigeta, vocals. Stage Door STAGE 2460. [Includes “My Ship.”]

September Songs: The Music of Wilder, Weill, and Warren. Wesla Whitfield, vocals. High Note HCD 7114. [Includes six Weill songs.]

Shall We Gather. Lucas Meachem, baritone; Irina Meachem, piano. Rubicon RCD1071. [Includes “Beat! Beat! Drums!”]

Sieht eine Frau dich an. Gretl Schörg, et al., vocals. TMK 00 41 74. [Includes “September Song” in German.]

Silver Wells. Justin Vivian Bond, vocals; Thomas Bartlett, piano. Private issue. [Includes “Alabama-Song.”]

Simply Maria. Maria Ewing, soprano, Iain Sutherland, conductor. BBC Music WMXF†0031-2. [Includes “It Never Was You.”]

Sing Something Simple. Hudson Shad. Private issue. [Includes “Lonely House.”]

Singin’ in the Storm. Shirley Verrett, soprano, Leonard de Paur, conductor. Sony 82318, distributed by ArkivMusic. [Includes “Denn wie man sich bettet” and “Cry, the Beloved Country.”]

Sir Thomas Allen, Baritone, volume 2. Sir Thomas Allen, baritone, Philharmonia Orchestra, David Parry, cond. Chandos Opera in English CHAN 3155 (“Great Operatic Arias” series). [Includes “September Song.”]

Siren. Kaye Tuckerman, vocals. Private issue. [Includes “My Ship” and “Pirate Jenny.”]

Sketches of Broadway. Janis Siegel, vocals, with ensemble. Telarc CD-83597. [Includes “It Never Was You.”]

Sleep It Off. Cristina, vocals, with ensemble. ZE Records ZEREC.CD12. [Includes “Ballad of Immoral Earnings.”]

Slow Fox. Patricia O’Callaghan, soprano, Robert Kortgaard, piano. Marquis Classics (EMI Canada) 77471 81233 2 9. [Includes nine Weill songs.]

Smile. Julia Migenes, soprano. Erato 4509-96385-2. [Includes “Foolish Heart.”]

So in Love: Sam Ramey on Broadway. Sam Ramey, bass; orchestra conducted by Ettore Strata. Teldec 4509 90865-2. [Includes “Lost in the Stars.”]

So Rare 4. Recordings selected by Barry Humphries (various artists). Bilarm Music BAC31. [Includes “September Song,” “Stay Well,” and “Speak Low.”]

Somewhere, My Love: The World’s Most Beautiful Melodies. Songs arranged for guitar and orchestra. Reader’s Digest RS7-027-1. [Includes “Mack the Knife.”]

Son of Rogues Gallery: Pirate Songs, Sea Songs & Chanteys. Various performers; produced by Johnny Depp and Gore Verbinski. ANTI 86904-2. [Includes “Pirate Jenny” performed by Shilpa Ray, Nick Cave, and Warren Ellis.]

Songi Brechta. Elzbieta Wojnowska, vocals. Muza PNCD 273. [Includes ten Weill songs.]

Songs de l’Opéra de quat’sous; Suite sur les airs de l’Opéra des gueux. Pascal Le Pennec and Philippe Borecek, accordion duo. Skarbo D SK 4989.

Songs from the Big Screen. Sonia Theodoridou, vocals; Plaza Ensemble. The Human Voice THV 003. [Includes “Youkali.”]

Songs I Love. Jenny Drivala, soprano, Nina Walker, piano. Somm SOMM CD 200. [Includes “Youkali,” “Buddy on the Nightshift,” and “Wie lange noch?”.]

Songs I Love to Sing. Brook Benton, vocals, Belford Hendricks, conductor. Verve B0000755-02 or Mercury SR-60602. [Includes “September Song.”]

Songs of America from Another American. Kevin Maynor, bass; Eric Olsen, piano. Guild GMCD 7247. [Includes “September Song.”]

Songs of Humor and Satire. Gregg Smith Singers. Premier PRCD 1030. [Includes “Ho, Billy, O!”]

Songs of War. Simon Keenlyside, baritone; Malcolm Martineau, piano. Sony Classical 88697944242. [Includes “Beat! Beat! Drums!” and “Dirge for Two Veterans.”]

Songs to Harp from the Old and New World. Torsten Mossberg, tenor; Stina Hellberg Agback, harp. Sterling CDA-1845-2. [Includes “O Captain! My Captain!,” “Dirge for Two Veterans,” “Es regnet,” and “My ship.”]

Sooner or Later. Laurie Meeker, vocals; Matt Michaels, piano; Gary Leach, bass, et al. Sooner or Later SLE 1025501. [Includes “What Good Would the Moon Be?” and “Lost in the Stars.”]

Sound and Smoke: The Music of the Berlin Cabaret Era. Various soloists with the Ophelia Orchestra. Provocateur Media PROV04001. [Includes “Foxtrot-Potpourri aus der Dreigroschenoper” and “Berlin im Licht.”]

Speak Low. Ashley Brown, vocals, with Lee Musiker, et al. Ghostlight 8-3321. [Includes “Speak Low.”]

Speak Low. Lucia Cadotsch, vocals, with Otis Sandsjö, tenor sax, and Petter Eldh, bass. Yellowbird YEB 7761. [Includes “Speak Low.”]

Speak Low When You Speak Love. Denny Leroux, vocals, with ensemble. Lerock Records. [Includes “Speak Low.”]

Speaking of Broadway. Tony Jay, reader (song lyrics are read over pre-recorded accompaniments prepared by Jay). Cornucopia Productions. [Includes “September Song,” “It Never Was You,” “My Ship,” “Lost in the Stars.”]

Stage Door Canteen: Broadway Responds to World War II. Debra Monk, Brandon Victor Dixon, et al. (vocals), Andy Einhorn (piano and arrangements). From Lyrics and Lyricists series at the 92 Street Y. DRG CD-94799. [Includes “Saga of Jenny,” “Song of the Free,” and “Buddy on the Nightshift.”]

Star Music. Severino Gazzelloni, flute, Leonardo Leonardi, piano. Claque GM 1008. [Includes “Surabaya-Johnny.”]

Steve Ross Live at the Algonquin. Stolen Moments SMCD 1939. [Includes “Here I’ll Stay” and “It Never Was You.”]

Stolen Moments. How Many Sisters? Prophone PCD 064. [Includes “Speak Low” in Finnish.]

Stories. Thomas Leleu Trio. ARS Produktion ARS 38 275. [Includes “Speak Low,” “Complainte de Mackie,” “Youkali,” and “Berlin im Licht.”]

Story Songs. Betty Buckley, vocals; Christian Jacob, piano. Palmetto Records PM2185. [Includes “September Song.”]

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Stranger Here Myself. Julia Weill, vocals, H.S. Kevin, piano. Legato Music CD-L-1096-03. [Includes “I’m a Stranger here Myself.”]

Talking/Singing. Siri Torjesen, soprano, Einar Steen-Nøkleberg, piano. Albedo ALBCD007. [Includes “Foolish Heart,” “Lonely House,” “September Song.”]

Tango in Blue. Carole Farley, soprano, Barcelona Symphony Orchestra, José Serebrier, cond. BIS CD-1175. [Includes “Matrosen-Tango” and “Youkali.”]

Tango Notturno. Isabel Bayrakdarian, soprano, Serouj Kradjian, piano, Tango Ensemble. CBC Records MVCD 1176. [Includes “Youkali.”]

Tango sinfónico. Lothar Hensel, bandoneon; Deutsche Staatsphilharmonie Rheinland-Pfalz, Manfred Neuman, cond. Sony Classical 88697685862. [Includes “Youkali” arranged for bandoneon and orchestra.]

Tangos for Piano. Marcel Worms, piano. BVHaast CD 0702. [Includes “Zuhälterballade” arranged for piano solo.]

Tangos insólitos. Haydée Schvartz and Gabriela Bernasconi, pianos. Tempus 10045. [Includes “Zuhälterballade” arranged for two pianos.]

Tanz auf dem Vulkan. Angela Denoke, vocals; Tal Balshai, piano; Norbert Nagel, clarinet; Tim Park, cello. Honigtee Music HTM 010. [Includes “Lied von der Unzulänglichkeit menschlichen Strebens,” “Die Ballade vom ertrunkenen Mädchen,” and “Berlin im Licht.”]

Tell Me the Truth about Love. Amanda Roocroft, soprano, Joseph Middleton, piano. Champs Hill Records CHRCD040. [Includes “Je ne t’aime pas.”]

“Tell Me the Truth about Love”. Mary Carewe, vocals, with Blue Noise. ASV CD WHL 2124. [Includes “Speak Low,” “The Saga of Jenny,” “It Never Was You.”]

The Tender Trap. Janis Siegel, vocals, with ensemble. Monarch Records MONA-1021. [Includes “My Ship.”]

This Is New. Teddi King, vocals; Dave McKenna, piano. Inner City Records IC-1044. [Includes “This Is New,” “My Ship,” and “One Life to Live” (piano solo).]

This Thing Called Love. Elisabeth Welch, vocals, with ensemble. RCA Victor 60366-2-RC. [Includes “One Life to Live.”]

Thousands of Miles. Kate Lindsey, mezzo-soprano; Baptiste Trotignon, piano. Alpha Classics Alpha 272. [Includes fourteen Weill songs.]

The Time of My Life. Diahann Carroll, vocals, with Mike Renzi, et al. Sterling S1015-2. [Includes “September Song” and “Here I’ll Stay.”]

Times Like This. Linn Maxwell, vocals, Tedd Firth, piano. Original Cast OC 6061. [Includes “Saga of Jenny,” “Pirate Jenny,” and “Nanna’s Lied.”]

To All We Stretch the Open Arm. Mirah Zeitlyn, vocals, with the Black Cat Orchestra. Yoyo Recordings YOYO CD 26. [Includes “Zweites Dreigroschenfinale” and “Asylum Chorus” (from Johnny Johnson).]

To the Soul: Thomas Hampson Sings the Poetry of Walt Whitman. Craig Rutenberg, piano. EMI Classics 7243 5 55028 2 7. [Includes “Dirge for Two Veterans.”]

Tom and Evelyn on the Lighter Side. Evelyn Lear, soprano, Thomas Stewart, baritone. VAI VAIA 1233. [Includes “September Song.”]

Tonight: Welthits von Berlin bis Broadway. Renée Fleming, Klaus Florian Vogt, Staatskapelle Dresden, Christian Thielemann, conductor. Deutsche Grammophon 479 2483. [Includes “Foolish Heart” sung by Fleming.]

A Touch of Music in the Night. Michael Crawford. Atlantic 7 82531-2. [Includes “Speak Low.”]

Try to Remember. Rita Gardner, vocals; Alex Rybeck, piano and arrangements. Harbinger Records HCD 2202. [Includes “Mack the Knife.”]

The Truth about Love. Frances Bourne, mezzo-soprano, James Holmes, piano, Matrix Ensemble, Robert Ziegler, cond. Sony 88697293432. [Includes thirteen Weill songs in French.]

Tschaikowsky (and other Russians). Mark Nadler, arranger, vocals, and piano. Private issue (distributed by CD Baby). [Includes “Tschaikowsky” and “I’m a Stranger Here Myself.”

Two to Tango. The Tango Project II, with William Schimmel, accordion. Noneusch 79057-2. [Includes “Sailors’ Tango.”]

Übers Meer. Max Raabe, vocals, Christoph Israel, piano. Decca 476 389-6. [Includes “Youkali.”]

Unchained Melodies. Karen Akers, vocals. DRG 5214. [Includes “Here I’ll Stay.”]

Unvergänglichkeit. Michaela Schuster, mezzo-soprano; Matthias Veit, piano. Oehms Classics OC 1881. [Includes “Wie lange noch?,” “Berlin im Licht,” “Nannas Lied,” “Der Abschiedsbrief,” “Es regnet.”]

Verbotene Lieder. Christiane Oelze, vocals, Eric Schneider, piano. Capriccio 71 062. [Includes “Matrosen-Tango,” “Seeräuberjenny,” and “Bilbao-Song.”]

Verweille noch (Stay a Weill): Hommage à Kurt Weill. Austrian Art Orchestra. Natter Records PP 094006. [Includes six songs from Die Dreigroschenoper.]

Vienne – Paris – Hollywood. Isabelle Georges, vocals, Jeff Cohen, piano. La Música LMU 009. [Includes “I’m a Stranger Here Myself,” “Youkali,” and “Speak Low.”]

A Voice and a Piano. Helen Schneider, vocals. Preiser Records PR 93429. [Includes “Moritat von Mackie Messer” and “Surabaya-Johnny.”]

Von Händel bis Weill: Arien & Lieder. Betsy Horne and Diana Schmid, vocals; Lynn Kao, piano. EMBA 80 010-11. [Includes “Surabaya-Johnny” performed by Schmid.]

W drozde pod wiatr. Krystyna Tkacz, vocals. Pomaton Records 7243 5 94669 2 7. [Includes “Surabaya-Johnny.”]

Was sagt man zu den Menschen wenn man traurig ist?. Jasmin Tabatabai, vocals. Jadavi Records 4250095882234. [Includes “Youkali.”]

Watermusic. Modern String Quartet. Upsolute Music UMR 112. [Includes “My Ship.”]

Weibsbilder. Angelika Kirchschlager, mezzo-soprano, Arabella Cortesi, piano, Ulrike Beimpold and Maria Happel, narrators. Quinton Q-1301-2. [Includes “Nannas Lied” and “The Saga of Jenny.”]

Weill: Nur die Liebe zahlt. Edeltraud Rupek, vocals, Urs John, piano. Novatune/Orca Records none115. [Includes eight Weill songs.]

. . . With You in Mind. Marian McPartland, piano, with ensemble. Recorded 1957. DRG 8502. [Includes “This Is New.”]

Wonderful World. Christian-Pierre La Marca, cello, with ensemble. Naïve V 7362. [Includes “Lost in the Stars.”]

The World So Wide. Dawn Upshaw, soprano, Orchestra of St. Luke’s, David Zinman, cond. Nonesuch 79458-2. [Includes “Lonely House.”]

Yes! Julie Fuchs, vocals; Orchestre National de Lille, Samuel Jean, cond. Deutsche Grammophon 481 200-7. [Includes “La chanson de Barbara” and “Complainte de Mackie.”]

You Can’t Put Ketchup on the Moon: Broadway Flops & Roadkills, 1925-1955. Various performers. Rialto Recordings SLRR-9201. [Includes “Love Song.”]

Youkali. Stephanie Haas, vocals, Susan Wenckus, piano. Animato ACD 6021-3. [Includes five Weill songs.]

Youkali: Cabaret and Art Songs by Satie, Poulenc, and Weill. Patricia O’Callaghan, soprano, Jenny Crober, piano. Marquis Classics 77471 81217 2 1. [Includes seven Weill songs.]

Zarah: Exklusiv Rundfunkaufnahmen, 1955-1970. Zarah Leander, vocals. Koch 324 308. [Includes “Foolish Heart.”]

Zig-Zag’s Family Fun Album. Duo CD 89025. [Includes “Mack the Knife.”]

Film and Television Soundtracks

Mack the Knife. Julia, Harris, Migenes, Daltrey, Walter; Dov Seltzer, musical director. CBS Records MK 45630.

Die Dreigroschenoper. Curd Jürgens, Hildegard Knef, Gert Fröbe. Telefunken 3984-23258-2.

Kurt Weill: Die Musik zum Film. Kathrin Angerer, Blixa Bargeld, Udo Lindenberg, Willem Breuker Kollektief, et al. Peregrina PM 50292.

Bilder/Assoziationen zu Kurt Weill. Music for the film Kurt Weill composed by Henning Schmiedt. Peregrina PM 50282.

Star! 20th Century Fox 07822-11009-2. [Includes “My Ship” and “The Saga of Jenny” performed by Julie Andrews.]

Swing. RCA 09026-63541-2. [Includes “Mack the Knife” performed by Lisa Stansfield.]

Quiz show: from the original motion picture soundtrack. Hollywood Records HR-62000-2. [Includes “Mack the Knife” performed by Lyle Lovett.]

Beyond the Sea. Atco/Rhino R2 78444. [Includes “Mack the Knife” performed by Kevin Spacey.]

Watchmen. Reprise Records 516751-2. [Includes “Pirate Jenny” performed by Nina Simone.]

Dexter: Season 5. Music from the Showtime Original Series. Milan M2-36548. [Includes “Mack the Knife” performed in Spanish by Los Iracundos.]

Kika. Soundtrack to film by Pedro Almodóvar. Polydor 314 517 572-2. [Includes “Youkali” arranged for string quartet.]

Jazz/Pop/Rock Collections (by artist)

3 for All. Jon Burr, Sir Roland Hanna, Bucky Pizzarelli. Cymekob CYK 806-2. [Includes “Lonely House.”]

Abate, Greg and Phil Woods. Kindred Spirits: Live at Chan’s. With the Tim Ray Trio. Whaling City Sound WCS 077. [Includes “Speak Low.”]

Aigui, Alexei. Nightshift. With Dietmar Bonnen, et al. SoLyd Records SLR 0395. [Jazz treatments of eleven Weill songs.]

Aiken, Clay. Tried & True. Decca B0014240-02. [Includes “Mack the Knife.”]

Almeida, Laurindo. Brazilliance, vol. 1. Recorded 1953, with Bud Shank. World Pacific CDP 7 96339 2. [Includes two versions of “Speak Low.”]

Andersen, Lale. Lale Andersen. (Schlager & Stars) Electrola (EMI) 7243 864828 2 2. [Includes “Bilbao-Song.”]

Anderson, Ernestine. Ernestine Anderson. Pete Rugolo, cond. and arranger. Mercury 314 514 076 2. [Includes “My Ship.”]

Ann-Margret. The Velvet Lounge. With Al Hirt, trumpet, et al. Bear Family BCD 17145 AH. [Includes “Mack the Knife.”]

Apaka, Alfred. Broadway Wears a Lei. Mountain Apple Records KFCD 8605. [Includes “Speak Low.”]

Arcaraz, Luis and His Orchestra. Sweet and Swing. RCA 743213580592. [Includes “September Song.”]

Armstrong, Louis. Live in Berlin. Recorded 1965. Jazz Point JP 1062. [Includes “Mack the Knife.”]

Armstrong, Louis. Louis Armstrong’s Greatest Hits. Columbia Legacy CK 65420. [Includes “Mack the Knife.”]

Armstrong, Louis. Radio Classics of the ’50s. Louis Armstrong and his All-Stars. CBS CK 45017. [Includes “Mack the Knife.”]

Armstrong, Louis. Satchmo the Great. Music from the documentary film. Columbia Legacy CK 62170. [Includes “Mack the Knife.”]

Aufray, Hugues. Ses premières années. With Bob Aubert et son orchestre. RDM CD425. [Includes “Mack the Knife.”]

Austin, Patti. Patti Austin (The CTI Collection). Connoisseur Collection VSOPCD 315. [Includes “Lost in the Stars.”]

Baker, Chet. The Best of Chet Baker. Riverside RCD-5713-2. [Includes “September Song.”]

Baker, Chet with Bill Evans. Alone Together. Jazz Images 38003. [Includes “September Song.”]

Bande Magnetik, La. Je ne peux vivre sans . . .. Analekta AN 2 9751. [Includes “Youkali.”]

Barrett, Emma. Sweet Emma and Her Preservation Hall Jazz Band. Preservation Hall Recordings VPS-12. [Includes “Ice Cream Sextet.”]

Beatles Beginnings Seven: Northern Songs. Various artists. History of RnB Records R015. [Includes “September Song” performed by Johnny Ray.]

Bechet, Sidney. Up a Lazy River. Good Time Jazz GTJCD 12064-2. [Includes “September Song.”]

Bennett, Tony. Together at Last, a Perfect Combination. With Count Basie and his Orchestra. Jasmine JASCD 482. [Includes “Lost in the Stars.”]

Bennett, Tony. Tony Bennett at Carnegie Hall. With Ralph Sharon and his Orchestra. Columbia C2K 64609. [Includes “My Ship,” “Speak Low,” and “Lost in the Stars.”]

Bennett, Tony. Unplugged. With the Ralph Sharon Trio. Columbia CK 66214. [Includes “Speak Low.”]

Bennett, Tony. Duets II. Columbia 88697 66253 2. [Includes “Speak Low” performed with Norah Jones.]

Benny Golson Funky Quintet. That’s Funky. Arkadia Jazz 70743. [Includes “Mack the Knife,” funky version and modern bebop version].

Bentyne, Cheryl. Something Cool. Columbia CK 48506. [Includes “Lonely House.”]

Berlin-New York Project. Jazz meets Kurt Weill and George Gershwin. Koch Jazz 3-6969-2. [Includes four numbers from Die Dreigroschenoper.]

Bey, Andy. American Song. Savoy Jazz SVY 17330. [Includes “Speak Low.”]

Bill Charlap Trio. Distant Star. Criss Cross Jazz Criss 1131 CD. With Sean Smith, bass, and Bill Stewart, drums. [Includes “Here I’ll Stay.”]

Bill Evans Trio. Birdland 1960. With Scott La Faro, bass, and Paul Motian, drums. Hi Hat HHCD3061. [Includes “Speak Low.”]

Blake, Ran. Roundabout. With Christine Correa, vocals. Music & Arts CD-807. [Includes “Lonely House.”]

Bley, Carla. Are We There Yet? Watt/29; ECM 547 297-2. [Includes “Lost in the Stars.”]

Bloom, Jane Ira. Art and Aviation. Arabesque Jazz AJ0107. [Includes “Lost in the Stars.”]

Bloom, Jane Ira. Mighty Lights. With Fred Hersch, Charlie Haden, and Ed Blackwell. Enja Records ENJ 4044-2. [Includes “Lost in the Stars.”]

Bloom, Jane Ira. The Nearness. With Fred Hersch, Kenny Wheeler, et al. Arabesque Jazz AJ0120. [Includes “Lonely House.”]

Bloom, Jane Ira. Sixteen Sunsets. With Dominic Fallacaro, Cameron Brown, and Matt Wilson. Outline OTL 141. [Includes “My Ship.”]

Bobs, The. Rhapsody in Bob. Bobs BOBS 0013. [Includes “Alabama-Song.”]

Bollani, Stefano. Sounds of the 30s. Decca 476 4832. [Includes “Surabaya-Johnny” and “Zuhälterballade” arranged for piano solo.]

Boston Pops Orchestra. Night and Day: John Williams and the Boston Pops Orchestra Celebrate Frank Sinatra. Sony Classical SK 47235. [Includes “Mack the Knife.”]

Bowie, David. The Platinum Collection. EMI (Parlophone) 0946 3 44076 2 5. [Includes “Drowned Girl” and “Alabama-Song.”]

Bowie, David. The Singles Collection. EMI 7243 8 28099 2 0. [Includes “Alabama-Song.”]

Brecker, Michael. Nearness of You. Verve 3145497052. [Includes “My Ship.”]

Brian Setzer Orchestra. Vavoom!. Interscope Records 490 733-2. [Includes “Mack the Knife.”]

Bridgewater, Dee Dee. Dear Ella. Verve 314 537 896-2. [Includes “Mack the Knife.”]

Bridgewater, Dee Dee. This Is New. Verve (440) 016 884-2. [All-Weill CD with eleven songs.]

Bridgewater, Dee Dee. Lost in the Stars. Like a Cat Records 106.7. [Includes ten songs in different versions from This Is New.]

Bridgewater, Dee Dee. Midnight Sun. DDB Records B0015511-02. [Includes reissues of “My Ship,” “Speak Low,” and “Here I’ll Stay” from This Is New.]

Brown, Clarence “Gatemouth.” Dirty Work at the Crossroads, 1947-1953. Acrobat ACRCD 216. [Includes “September Song.”]

Brown, Georgia. Weill and Gershwin. Pearl SHECD 9617.

Brown, Les. The Great Les Brown. With Jo Ann Greer, vocals. Hindsight HCD330. [Includes “September Song” and “Speak Low.”]

Brown, James. Soul on Top. With the Louis Bellson Orchestra. Verve B0001978-02. [Includes “September Song.”]

Brubeck, Dave. Early Concepts. Proper Records PVCD 132. [Includes “September Song.”] (2 CD’s)

Buckingham, Lindsey. Law and Order. Warner Bros. 561-2. [Includes “September Song.”]

Bunch, John. John Bunch Plays Kurt Weill. Chiaroscuro RD(D) 144.

Burrell, Kenny. God Bless the Child. CBS ZK 40808. [Includes “Lost in the Stars.”]

Burton, Gary and Friends. Departure. With Peter Erskine, drums; Fred Hersch, piano; John Patitucci, bass; John Scofield, guitar. Concord Jazz CCD-4749-2. [Includes “September Song.”]

BuschMusic (jazz ensemble). The Berlin Songbook. Klangräume 30240. [Includes “Speak Low” and “Moritat von Mackie Messer.”]

Callender, Red. Speak Low. Fresh Sound Records FSR-CD 459. [Includes “Speak Low.”]

Carcassés, Bobby. Bembedoble. Cinquillo CD 109. [Includes “Mack the Knife.”]

Carter, Benny. Aspects. Capitol Jazz 7243 8 52677 2 7. [Includes “September Song.”]

Carter, Betty. I’m Yours, You’re Mine. Verve 314 533 182-2. [Includes “Lonely House” and “September Song.”]

Catherine, Philip. Concert in Capbreton. With Enrico Pieranunzi, Joe LaBarbera, and Hein van de Geyn. Dreyfus Jazz FDM 46050 369412. [Includes “Speak Low.”]

Catney, Dave. Jade Visions. With Peter Erskine and Marc Johnson. Justice Records 0402-2. [Includes “This Is New” and “Lost in the Stars.”]

Caussimon, Céline. Je marche au bord . . . Chant du Monde 274 1164. [Includes “La grande complainte de Fantômas.”]

Caven, Ingrid. Helle Nacht. Vielleib Rekords 020. [Includes “Berlin im Licht.”]

Chairman of the Board (Frank Sinatra tribute CD). Grass Records GRASS1212-2. [Includes “Mack the Knife” performed by Severin.] (2 CD’s)

Chesnel, François. Kurt Weill Project. Jazz quartet. Petit label 019. [Includes “Trouble Man,” “Wie lange noch?,” “Ballade de l’esclavage des sens,” “Speak low,” and “Liebeslied.”]

Chesnel, François. Kurt Weill Project: Le voyant. Jazz quartet. Sans Bruit sbr019. [Includes “Salomon-Song,” “Nannas Lied,” “Alabama-Song,” and “Liebeslied.”]

Chiasson, Warren. Good Vibes for Kurt Weill. Vibraphone, assisted by jazz musicians. Audiophile ACD-236. [CD reissue of 1977 LP, with three additional songs.]

Christy, June. Ballads for Night People. Bob Cooper, conductor and arranger. Capitol Jazz 7243 5 60442 2 7. [Includes “My Ship.”]

Christy, June. Road Show. Stan Kenton, The Four Freshmen. Capitol CDP 7 96328 2. [Includes “September Song.”]

Christy, June. Something Cool. With Pete Rugolo and his orchestra. Capitol Jazz 7243 5 34069 2 9. [Includes “Lonely House.”]

Christy, June. The Uncollected June Christy vol. II. Hindsight Records HCD 235. [Includes “September Song.”]

Clark, Buddy. The Buddy Clark Collection. Sony Special Products WK 75048. [Includes “Here I’ll Stay.”]

Clark, Sonny. Sonny’s Crib. With Donald Byrd, Curtis Fuller, John Coltrane, et al. Blue Note TOCJ-1576. [Includes “Speak Low.”]

Clayton, Greg. Live at Boomers. With Dave Young and Jerry Fuller. String Jazz SJRCD1013. [Includes “This Is New.”]

Clooney, Rosemary. For the Duration. Concord Jazz CCD-4444. [Includes “September Song.”]

Clusone Trio. Love Henry. Michael Moore, Ernst Reijseger, Han Bennink. Gramavision GCD 79517. [Includes “Bilbao-Song.”]

Cole, Nat King. Nat King Cole Sings, George Shearing Plays. Capitol Jazz 7243 5 25250 2 7. [Includes “September Song.”]

Collins, Judy. In my life. Elektra Entertainment 74027-2. [Includes “Pirate Jenny.”]

Combustible Edison. I, Swinger. Sub Pop SP244B. [Includes “Surabaya Johnny.”]

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September songs: the music of Kurt Weill. Various artists, including Betty Carter, Nick Cave, Elvis Costello, Charlie Haden, Lou Reed, P.J. Harvey, Teresa Stratas. Sony SK 63046.

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Die toten Hosen. Das Sinfonieorchester der Robert Schumann Hochschule & Die toten Hosen spielen “Entarte Musik”. JKP JKP 127. [Includes “Kanonen-Song,” “Zuhälterballde,” “Moritat von Mackie Messer,” and “Alabama-Song”; alternate title: “Willkommen in Deutschland: ein Gedenkkonzert.”]

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Il Volo di Lindbergh. Kurt Weill. Le Carrozze Records CARR 10004. [Jazz treatments of seven songs.]

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Whyte, Ronny. Walk on the Weill Side. Featuring Eddie Monteiro, Boots Maleson, Joe Cocuzzo. Audiophile ACD-289.

Willem Breuker Kollektief. Bob’s Gallery. BVHaast CD 8801. [Includes “I Don’t Love You.”]

Willem Breuker Kollektief. Metropolis. With the Mondriaan Strings. BVHaast CD 8903. [Includes “Dance of the Tumblers.”]

Willem Breuker Kollektief. Parade. With the Mondriaan Strings. BVHaast CD 9101. [Includes “Aggie’s Sewing Machine Song.”]

Williams, Robbie. Swing when You’re Winning. Chrysalis 7243 536826 2 0. [Includes “Mack the Knife.”]

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Winding, Kai. Jazz Masters: 100 ans de jazz. Mandarim Records JZ 033. [Includes “That’s Him.”]

Wright, George. The Wright Touch. Banda BA 25503/447. [Includes “September Song.”]

Young Gods. Knock on Wood (acoustic sessions). PIAS Recordings PIASR 125. DVD included. [Includes “Speak Low.”]

Young Gods. Live Sky Tour. Interscope Records 92632-2. [Includes “September Song” and “Seeräuber Jenny.”]

Young Gods. The Young Gods Play Kurt Weill. Play It Again Sam Records BIAS 188.

You sing Kurt Weill & Friends. Karaoke CD. Pocket Songs PSCDG 1529. [Includes “September Song,” “It Never Was You,” “My Ship,” “Speak Low,” “Sing Me Not a Ballad,” “Lost in the Stars.”]

You Sing the Hits of Barbra Streisand. Karaoke CD. Pocket Songs PSCDG1478. [Includes “Speak Low.” Alternate title: Just One Lifetime.]

Zebra. Live Rock: mit Brecht/Weill Songs und Balladen. Amiga 8 56 245. [Issued by VEB Deutsche Schallplatten, Berlin DDR. Reissued 2018 on CD: Amiga (Sony) 19075828212.]

Zetterlund, Monica. Svenska favoriter. Spectrum Music 551113-2. [Includes “Säg tyst” (“Speak Low”).]

Zig Zag. Zig Zag’s Family Fun Album. Duo CD 89025. [Includes “Mack the Knife.”]

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