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Die Verheißung (The Road of Promise)

Concert adaptation of Der Weg der Verheißung (The Eternal Road) by Ed Harsh for chorus, four or five vocal soloists, two speaking roles, and orchestra. Original German text by Franz Werfel; English translations by Ludwig Lewisohn, William A. Drake, Charles Alan, and Kelley Rourke. Additional orchestrations by Noam Sheriff.

Work Details


105 minutes

First Performance

28 February 2013, Kurt Weill Fest Dessau, Soloists, Chorus, and Orchestra of the Anhaltisches Theater, Antony Hermus, cond.

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  • 1. The Covenant (Abraham, The Voice)
  • 2. Sacrifice of Isaac (The Voice, Abraham)
  • 3. Jacob and Rachel (The Voice, Jacob, Rachel)
  • 4. Joseph and His Brothers (Joseph's Brothers, Two Angels, Jacob, Joseph)
  • 5. Moses in Egypt (Miriam, Moses)
  • 6. At the Mountain (Idol Worshipper)
  • 7. In the Wilderness (Moses)
  • 8. The Promised Land (Moses, The Voice, Two Angels, Soul of Moses)
  • 9. Ruth the Moabite (Naomi, Ruth, Boaz)
  • 10. King David (David, Dark Angel)
  • 11. The Building of the Temple (David, Ruth, Solomon)
  • 12. Two Prophets (Isaiah, Jeremiah, Idol Merchant)
  • 13. Zedekiah's Decision (False Prophet, Jeremiah, Rachel)
  • 14. A Vision (The Voice)

  • Cast

    • Singing Roles

      • The Rabbi (tenor and speaking role)
      • Biblical solo characters (can be covered by four or five soloists [SMTB, SMTTB, or SMTBB]): The Voice of God (tenor), Abraham (baritone), Jacob (tenor), Rachel (soprano), Joseph (baritone [or tenor]), Miriam (mezzo-soprano), Moses (baritone), Idol Worshipper (tenor), Naomi (soprano), Ruth (mezzo-soprano), Boaz (tenor), David (tenor), The Dark Angel (baritone), Solomon (baritone), Isaiah (tenor), Jeremiah (baritone), False Prophet (baritone [or tenor])
      • Small solo roles (can be covered by soloists from the chorus): The Ten Brothers (4 tenors, 6 baritones), Angel 1 (tenor), Angel 2 (baritone), Idol Merchant (tenor), The Soul of Moses (soprano)
      • Chorus SATB (divided on occasion)
    • Non-Singing Roles

      • The Adversary
      • The Thirteen Year-Old Boy
  • Instrumentation

    • 2 Flutes
    • Oboe
    • 3 Clarinets
    • 2 Bassoons
    • 4 French horns
    • 3 Trumpets
    • 3 Trombones
    • 1 Tuba
    • Percussion and timpani
    • Harp
    • Piano
    • Organ/keyboard
    • Guitar
    • Strings

  • Der Weg der Verheißung (adapted as The Eternal Road) 1935

    Biblical Drama in four parts by Franz Werfel. First performed in English adaptation as The Eternal Road, translation by Ludwig Lewisohn.

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