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String Quartet no. 1, op. 8

Work Details


20 minutes

First Performance

24 June 1923, Frankfurt-am-Main, Frankfurter Kammermusikwoche, Amar Quartet

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  • 1) Introduktion (Sostenuto, con molto espressione)
  • 2) Scherzo (Vivace)
  • 3) Choralphantasie (Andante non troppo)

  • Instrumentation

    • 2 Violins
    • Viola
    • Cello

Universal Edition, UE 33 304/European American Music EA 846S

Universal Edition, UE 33 305/European American Music EA 846P

Kurt Weill Edition, Series II, Volume 1
(full score)

  • Introductory Essay
  • Critical Report
  • Corrigenda

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