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The Main Collection consists of the items acquired from Lenya’s estate and all subsequent acquisitions to the Weill-Lenya Research Center. The collection is organized into 80 series numbered (with gaps to accommodate future growth) 1-144. The following series list indicates the arrangement of the different kinds of material held by the WLRC.

Printed and Manuscript Music

10 Weill Scores–Manuscripts and Rental Materials [finding aid (PDF, 1.84 MB)]
11A Arrangements (by Others)
11B Revues
12 Weill Scores–Autograph
13 Weill Scores–Published
14 Weill Scores–Sheet Music [brief inventory (PDF, 198 KB)]
15 Published Music–Collections
16 Weill’s Works–Performing Materials
17 Music by Others
18 Universal Edition Collection


20 Scripts–Weill’s Stage Works
21 Scripts–Lenya Performances
22 Scripts–Other Stage
23 Television, Film, and Video Scripts
24 Radio Scripts
25 Texts of Non-Stage Works
26 Lyrics

Papers and Documents

30 Small Collections
31 Weill Writings and Interviews
33 Weill Papers [brief inventory (PDF, 202 KB)]
34 Lenya Writings and Interviews
35 Lenya Papers
36 Archival Inventories
37 George Davis Papers
38 Russell Detwiler Papers


40 Weill Correspondence [finding aid (PDF, 182 KB)]
41 Weill-Universal Edition Correspondence
42 Lenya Business Correspondence
43 Lenya Personal Correspondence [finding aid (PDF, 249 KB)]
44 Weill-Lenya Correspondence
45 Hans and Rita Weill Collection of Family Correspondence
46 Kurt Weill-Parents Correspondence
47 Other (Third-Party) Correspondence

Performance History and Clippings

50 Performance History Documentation–Works of Weill (3 subseries)
50A Stage
50B Concert
50C Film
51 Performance History Documentation–Lenya (4 subseries)
51A Stage
51B Film
51C Concert
51D Radio and Television
52 Performance History–Shows/Concerts About Weill and/or Lenya, Using Weill’s Music, or from His World (4 subseries)
52A Stage (Including Revues)
52B Film and Television
52C Dance
52D Solo or Duo Concert Performances and Cabaret Acts
53 Clippings–Weill-Lenya Biographical, Book Reviews, Miscellaneous
54 Clippings, 1983-[ongoing]
56 Festivals
57 Kurt Weill Centenary Festivals

Other Printed Material

60 Oral History Interviews
62 Symposia
63 Exhibitions
64 Publishers’ Catalogs

Photographs, Reproductions, and Realia

70 Photographic Prints
71 Photographic Prints–Oversize
72 Photographic Negatives
73 Slides
76 Posters and Other Reproductions [finding aid (PDF, 312 KB)]
77 Paintings and Other Original Art Works
78 Objects (2 sub-series)
78A Lenyana
78B Other

Serials and Articles

80 Articles and Offprints
81 Journals and Periodicals–Single Issues
82 Journals and Periodicals–Subscriptions


90 Kurt Weill Library
91 Lotte Lenya Library
92 General Collection
93 Books about Weill–Preservation Copies
94 Book Manuscripts/Working Papers

Phonograph Recordings

100 Lotte Lenya Collection–Commercial 33-1/3 RPM
101 Lotte Lenya Collection–Commercial 45 RPM
102 Lotte Lenya Collection–Commercial 78 RPM
103 Lotte Lenya Collection–Non-Commercial
104 Music by Weill (33-1/3 RPM)
105 Other 45 and 78 RPM Recordings
106 Music by Others and Spoken Word (33-1/3 RPM)
107 Promotional Recordings (Not Cataloged)
108 Henry Berman Collection

Cassette Tapes

110 Music by Weill–Complete Works
111 Music by Weill–Selections
112 Music by Weill–Arrangements by Others
113 Historical Recordings
114 Broadcasts
115 Interviews
116 Symposia
117 Music by Others

Reel-to-Reel and Digital Audio

120 Lotte Lenya Collection
121 Music by Weill, Including Arrangements by Others
122 Interviews
125 Noncommercial DAT Tapes
130 Compact Discs (commercial)
131 Compact Discs (non-commercial)

Moving Image Recordings

140 Video Tapes (VHS)
141 DVD’s (commercial)
142 DVD’s (non-commercial)
143 Video Discs
144 Films

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