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The Lotte Lenya Competition

Making a Preliminary Audition Video

Your audition video should approximate a live audition.

  • The view of the camera should include your whole body and allow you to move as you perform your selections. Videos which only show a contestant from the waist up give them virtually no opportunity to enact the scenes of their program, and will not be successful auditions.
  • We don’t need to see your accompanist at all, unless the performance space necessitates it. Pre-recorded piano accompaniment is acceptable if you are unable to work with an accompanist in person.
  • Videos made on phones or webcams are accepted. Your audition video does not need to be professionally filmed.
  • The image should be clear enough that the judges can see any expressive gestures or movements needed to convey the story, and the audio quality conveys an accurate account of your singing.
  • Ensure that your voice and the accompaniment are properly balanced.
  • You may cut between selections, your video does not need to be one continuous take – but each individual selection must be performed in one take, from start to finish without cuts.
  • Keep the orientation and proximity of your camera in mind to ensure the image fills the screen and leaves you enough room to move around as needed
  • Think strategically about where to place your camera and what the resulting framing of your “stage” will be. Too “tight” a frame on you will restrict your movements and dictate how you are able to stage each of your numbers. The result is an untheatrical, typically unsuccessful audition. Therefore, make sure you have ample space in all directions so that you can move naturally and fully use your audition space in a way that is appropriate for each selection of your program.

Below is an excerpt from a preliminary audition video that successfully approximates a live audition, submitted by Bradley Smoak (2017 First Prize Winner).

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