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The Kurt Weill Edition

The principal product of the Kurt Weill Edition is a set of hardbound full scores with accompanying critical reports. Edited works are organized into three series based upon genre: Stage, Concert, and Screen. A fourth series comprises Miscellanea, including facsimiles of scores, arrangements, unfinished works, and sketches. Volumes within each of the first three series are of a uniform size and format. As currently projected, the completed Edition will comprise 35–40 distinct publications.

Series I: Stage

24 volumes

  • 2008

    The discovery of an original set of instrumental parts at Yale University in 2006 made possible this full score edition of Zaubernacht after the work had lain in obscurity for some eighty years. Weill composed this children’s...

    Edited by Elmar Juchem and Andrew Kuster

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  • 2006

    Completed in Berlin in March 1925 and given its premiere at the Dresden Staatsoper in March 1926, Der Protagonist occupies a special place in Weill’s oeuvre. It was his first opera, written at age twenty-five, and it belongs to...

    Edited by Gunther Diehl and Jürgen Selk

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  • 2016

    This first collaboration between Weill and poet-playwright Bertolt Brecht was to achieve epochal importance in the genre of opera and music theater in general. It also led Weill to form his signature “Song style,” which shaped...

    Edited by Giselher Schubert

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  • 2000

    Ever since its first production took Berlin by storm in 1928, Die Dreigroschenoper has been widely seen as one of the most important music-theatrical works of the twentieth-century as well as an icon of Weimar culture. Still,...

    Edited by Stephen Hinton and Edward Harsh

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  • 2020

    Few twentieth-century musical theater works are as shrouded in myth and legend as Happy End, and few have been the source of so many enduring hit songs. This edition dispels the myths and presents the songs in authoritative form,...

    Edited by Stephen Hinton and Elmar Juchem

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  • 2012

    Originally produced by the legendary Group Theatre in 1936, Johnny Johnson marked Weill’s first contribution to the American musical theater. With book and lyrics by Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Paul Green, the anti-war...

    Edited by Tim Carter

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  • 2017

    Two fateful meetings in November 1939 between Kurt Weill and Moss Hart led inexorably to a new kind of Broadway musical, the brainchild of three Broadway legends (lyricist Ira Gershwin was the third) put on stage by an even more...

    Edited by bruce d. mcclung and Elmar Juchem

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  • 2002

    After the original Broadway run in 1945, a lavish spectacle produced by Max Gordon, The Firebrand of Florence disappeared into undeserved obscurity despite its all-star creative team. The work boasted a score by Weill, lyrics by...

    Edited by Joel Galand

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  • 2023

    This critical edition is a major milestone: edited by distinguished scholar Joel Galand, it presents the first publication in any form of both the complete score and book of Love Life. Producers, performers, and scholars will at...

    Edited by Joel Galand

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Series II: Concert

Circa 9 volumes, contents of forthcoming volumes t.b.d. Among the works to be included are: Das Berliner Requiem; Der Lindberghflug; The Ballad of Magna Carta; Quodlibet, op. 9; Kleine Dreigroschenmusik; Music for Chorus; Vom Tod im Wald, op. 23; Walt Whitman Songs (orchestral version); Lieder/Songs; “Berlin im Licht-Song” (version for military band); “Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory”; “Hatikvah”

  • 2004

    The relative obscurity of Weill’s chamber music can be partially explained by the overshadowing success of his first stage works, beginning with the acclaimed one-act opera Der Protagonist. However, the compositional quality and...

    Edited by Wolfgang Rathert and Jürgen Selk

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  • 2010

    Presented here are the full scores of Weill’s Concerto for Violin and Wind Orchestra op. 12 and Der neue Orpheus op. 16, Weill’s cantata for soprano, solo violin, and orchestra on a text by Iwan Goll....

    Edited by Andreas Eichhorn

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Series III: Screen

1 volume

Series IV: Miscellanea

2+ volumes

  • 1996

    The appearance of a hardbound, full-color facsimile of Weill’s holograph full score for Die Dreigroschenoper inaugurated the Kurt Weill Edition. The score, which bears not only Weill’s own manuscript but performance and...

    Edited by Edward Harsh

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  • 2009

    Collectors of sheet music, lovers of popular song, and scholars of popular music and musical theater will be fascinated by this extraordinary volume within the Kurt Weill Edition. Thanks to a sustained, multiyear search, every...

    Edited by Charles Hamm, Elmar Juchem, and Kim H. Kowalke

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