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Kurt Weill Foundation Grant Guidelines

Description of Funding Categories


A. Professional Performance
Funding may be requested by professional opera companies, theater companies, dance companies, and concert groups for performances of musical works by Kurt Weill and/or Marc Blitzstein.

B. College/University Performance
Grants are awarded to colleges and universities in support of general production expenses for performances of Kurt Weill's and/or Marc Blitzstein's stage works, and to cover musical expenses in connection with performances of Weill's or Blitzstein's concert works.

Jeffrey Kahane and LA Chamber Orchestra
Professional Performance Grant: Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra. Jeffrey Kahane conducted Weill’s Symphony no. 2 with the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra. He subsequently conducted the work with the New York Philharmonic. Photo: Lee Salem

Please note:

  • All works must be presented in their authorized versions and orchestrations.
  • Productions of The Threepenny Opera are not eligible for funding in the Professional Performance category.
  • Performances of Die sieben Todsünden are fundable only in Weill’s original orchestration and keys. (The arrangement for low voice by Brückner-Rüggeberg is thus ineligible.)
  • Performances of Kleine Dreigroschenmusik alone are normally not eligible for funding, unless the piece is programmed as part of a group of Weill works.
  • Compilation properties consisting of individual Weill or Blitzstein songs do not qualify for support.
  • Musical adaptations and proposals in which the music serves in an incidental or background capacity are not eligible for funding.
Aufstieg und Fall der Stadt Mahagonny at the Manhattan School of Music, 2013
College/University Performance Grant: Manhattan School of Music. Manhattan School of Music Opera Theater presented Rise and Fall of the City Of Mahagonny, directed by Dona D. Vaughn and conducted by Kynan Johns. Photo: Carol Rosegg
  • Costs for new translations or adaptations of dramatic works are not eligible for funding (although the productions themselves may be).
  • "Indirect costs," administrative expenses, and institutional overhead are not eligible for funding.

Support may be requested for radio, television, video, film, or multimedia projects that feature Kurt Weill's, Lotte Lenya's, or Marc Blitzstein's life and/or music.

Scholarly Symposia/Conferences; Educational Outreach; Community Engagement
Performing and educational organizations may request funding for scholarly or educational activities (workshops, symposia, scholarly conferences, secondary and college-level educational initiatives, etc.) focusing on Weill, Lenya, and/or Blitzstein. Support may be requested for payment of honoraria and travel expenses, preparation and printing of supporting materials, etc.

Maestro James Holmes leads master class in Cincinnati
Kurt Weill Mentor: Weill specialist James Holmes works with Musical Theatre student Blaine Alden Krauss and pianist Stephen Varjames during a master class at the University of Cincinnati, College-Conservatory of Music. Photo: Courtesy of University of Cincinnati, College-Conservatory of Music

Kurt Weill Mentors
Performing arts organizations and educational institutions may request support to engage conductors, directors, coaches, and coach/performers who have been designated "Kurt Weill Mentors" by the Kurt Weill Foundation. The purpose of a Kurt Weill Mentor's involvement is to enhance the performance of Weill's or Blitzstein's stage or concert works; this might, for example, take the form of presentations of workshops, master classes, or coaching sessions. Proposals to engage a Mentor for the purpose of giving pre-performance lectures are not eligible for support. Initiatives involving a Mentor may be considered even when the relevant performances would not otherwise be eligible for support under the Foundation's grant guidelines. Applicants should contact the Foundation for further information. If an application is successful, the Foundation will recommend appropriate Mentors for specific projects.

Kurt Weill Dissertation Fellowship
Doctoral candidates may apply for dissertation fellowships to assist in research activities on Weill, Lenya and/or Blitzstein-related topics. Fellowships are reserved for candidates with extraordinary potential for contribution to the field evidenced by recommendations from the academic community. The applicant's project should address significant lacunae in Weill, Lenya, and/or Blitzstein research.

Publication Assistance
Funding may be requested by authors and not-for-profit publishers to subvent expenses related to preparing manuscripts for publication in a recognized scholarly medium, including editing, indexing, design, and reproduction fees. Topics must be related to Kurt Weill, Lotte Lenya, and/or Marc Blitzstein. All publications must have been subject to peer review. Publication Assistance may be awarded to scholars previously funded with a Research and Travel Grant or a Dissertation Fellowship.

Research and Travel
Funding may be requested to support research and travel expenses to the Weill-Lenya Research Center and other locations of primary source material. Applicants must be researching a topic related to Kurt Weill, Lotte Lenya, and/or Marc Blitzstein.

Application Requirements

All applications must include:

  1. A completed Cover Sheet (in English).
  2. A detailed description of the project (in English).
  3. Organizations should provide a mission statement and summary of activities and past achievements. Individual applicants should submit an up-to-date biography or curriculum vitae.
  4. Proof of not-for-profit standing (for organizations only).
  5. An itemized budget showing entire project expenses, income, and projected sources of funding. Applicants must notify the Foundation if other grants are awarded.


The following additional materials are required for specific funding categories:

Professional or College/University Performance

  • Performance Grant Fact Sheet.
  • Work sample: a DVD or audio recording of a past performance, not to exceed 20 minutes in length, demonstrating the artistic merit of the applicant's previous performances. Include reviews if available.


Radio personality Michael Lasser
Media Grant: Michael Lasser, WXXI. Michael Lasser, host of the popular public radio series "Fascinatin' Rhythm," devoted three programs to Weill's career in the U.S., entitled "Kurt Weill, American." Photo: Dave Sluberski

A complete description of the project must be accompanied by a written commitment from the broadcaster.

Scholarly Symposia/Conferences; Educational Outreach; Community Engagement
A detailed description of the educational or scholarly activities and curriculum vitae for participants.

Kurt Weill Mentors
Kurt Weill Mentor application form following consultation with the Program Director.

Kurt Weill Dissertation Fellowship
Applications must include a copy of the doctoral dissertation proposal, at least one writing sample, and two letters of recommendation, one of which must be from the applicant's thesis advisor.

Publication Assistance
Peer reviews must be submitted in support of the application, along with a copy of the manuscript. Normally conference proceedings are ineligible unless the essays have undergone significant revision and editing as components of a book.

Research and Travel
Applicants must submit a detailed research prospectus, a writing sample and at least one letter of recommendation.

Application Deadlines

The annual application deadline is 1 November for proposals for projects and performances taking place on or after 1 January of the coming year and before 1 July of the year following. For example, the application deadline is 1 November 2017 for proposals for projects and performances taking place on or after 1 January 2018 and before 1 July 2019. (Proposals for retroactive funding of projects or performances will not be accepted.)

An additional application deadline of 1 June 2017 is restricted exclusively to College/University Performance grants for productions taking place in the fall 2017 semester.

Applications for support of major professional productions/festivals/exhibitions, etc., may be evaluated on a case-by-case basis without application deadlines. Organizations are encouraged, however, to apply well in advance of the event.

Application Forms

Save local copies of the forms to your computer using the "Save Page As" option in your browser. Using Adobe Acrobat or Reader, complete and save the forms. Applicants may also print forms, fill them out, and submit them by post.

Application Cover Sheet (PDF)
Performance Fact Sheet (PDF)
Kurt Weill Mentor Application Form (PDF)

Online application form

For further information, contact:
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